If you’re a frequent flyer, then you know the frustration of trying to find a place to sleep when you’re at the airport. Whether you planned on a long layover or your itinerary is taking an unintentional stopover due to delayed and canceled flights, there’s nothing better than finding a comfortable, quiet place to catch some shuteye at the airport. But that’s often easier said than done. Thankfully there’s a 21st century alternative to using your carry-on bag as a pillow. Sleeping pods and sleep cabins may be the perfect answer to relaxing in airports.

What Are Sleep Pods & Sleeping Cabins?

Sleeping pods and cabins come in many different forms, but they all have the same essential purpose: to provide customers with their own private space that they can rent to safely rest and recharge in the often crowded and wakeful world of airports and other public locations. Some are small capsules where you can enclose yourself to escape from the world. Others are much more elaborate with televisions and other amenities. Depending on the company and location, some even offer showers that you can use to freshen up if you don’t have the time to sleep or can’t drift off.

The Major Brands

Although sleep pods and sleeping cabins are relatively new, there are already several big names in the space offering their services in different locations. Some are only available in specific regions and countries, while others can be found all over the world. Here are the major brands  and which airports have their sleep pods.

GoSleep Pods

Arguably the most prosperous sleep pod company in the world, GoSleep has dozens of location all over the globe. It’s pods envelop you to form a cocoon around yourself with a reclining chair that you can use to rest or sleep. The cushions on the chairs lift, allowing you to store your carry-on and other personal belongings under the seat. Each lockable pod also comes with a window shade that can be fully or partially closed, as well as a quick-charging outlet so that you can recharge your devices while you rest. Depending on the exact location, there may even be a shower nearby that you can use and complimentary internet.


Yotelair is another company that offers sleeping cabins at airports. Most of these cabins come with a fold-down daybed so that you can get some rest. Most of these cabins also feature flat-screen TVs. Each cabin comes with internet access and free charging for your devices. In many locations, these micro-hotel capsules come with an en-suite bathroom, and some even have a small desk so you can get some work done. The size of these capsule rooms varies by location, with most measuring about 22 feet by 29 feet.



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If you’re taking any flights to Germany and know you’ll need a nap, check out Napcabs! You can book online and check in and out with a touchscreen, so you don’t have to interact with a person to get some rest. Users have control of the lights and temperature in their small cabin, which is lockable and comes with a small desk and a single bed. You’ll also find places to charge your devices and a separate touchscreen that controls an alarm clock. Every pod is professionally cleaned after each stay.

  • Munich Airport
    There are four Napcabs locations inside the Munich Airport. They are located on level 5 by gate H32 in Terminal 1, level 4 near gate G06 in Terminal 2, on level 5 near gate L04, and near the service center in Terminal 2.
  • Berlin-Tegel Airport
    Travelers can find Napcabs Berlin in Terminal B on level 3 in the Tegel Sky Conference area at Berlin-Tegel Airport.



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Use Zzzleepandgo’s app to check in to your small cabin. Each small cabin offered by Zzzleepandgo comes with a twin mattress to stretch out on. A touchscreen on the wall by the bed allows you to enjoy multimedia presentations, like your favorite movies. You can use the same touchscreen to open and shut the window shades located in the door and the ceiling. Each cabin comes with standard electrical outlets and USB connections. The touchscreen also offers games to play, and you can check flight schedules. When you’re done, simply check out on the app and be on your way.

Other Sleeping Pods & Cabins at Airports

Along with the international chains and brands, there are also sleep pod companies and locations unique to individual airports. Here is a breakdown of what can be found and where:

Sleep ‘n Fly at Dubai International Airport

Sleep ‘n Fly offers igloo-like sleeping pods. These pods can be of varying sizes, with most accommodating an adult and child. Storage is provided under the mattress for your possessions. Each pod comes with a lockable door to help ensure your safety while you sleep. Sleep ‘n Fly also offers larger family cabins. After you register just outside the pod area, you will be shown to your sleeping pod. When it’s time to wake up, a host or hostess will wake you up with a warm or cold towel for your use.

There are approximately 20 sleeping pods at the Sleep ‘n Fly Lounge located near the A gates in Terminal 3. But additional pods will soon be available near the C gates in Terminal 3 and the D gates in Terminal 1.

SleepBox at Washington Dulles International Airport


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SleepBoxes are small rooms that come equipped with extra-long twin mattresses. When you rent a SleepBox pod, you’ll find that they have internet access and a small working desk and reading lamps so you can also get some work accomplished. You can easily book your pod online and use the company’s app to unlock your room when you arrive. Tinted window shades help ensure your privacy. Ambient light helps ensure that people can get to sleep and make the most of the time that they have available. Each pod is cleaned after a guest stay by the maintenance staff.

You will find 16 SleepBox rooms at Washington Dulles International Airport at IAD on Concourse A. The pods are located near Gate 15A.

IZZZLEEP at Mexico City International Airport

The Izzzleep hotel offers small capsules that are stacked two deep in a long row. Each capsule has space to lie down, and disposable sheets are provided. Free internet and television come with each capsule. You are welcome to listen to your music. Each capsule comes with reading lamps. A shared bathroom with really hot water makes it easy to get ready before bed or get up the next morning. Small steps lead to the upper pods. You can find Izzzsleep at Mexico City’s International Airport in Terminal 1.

SAMS – Snooze At My Space – at Indira Gandhi International Airport

Each of SAMS cabins comes with a full-length bed, a flat-screen TV with a DVD player, a working desk, and charging ports for your electronic devices. These small spaces can accommodate up to two guests. When you book for four hours, you can enjoy a sandwich, muffin, and beverage. Stay between six and eight hours, and you can enjoy a complimentary meeting at a sports bar within the airport. Each space is also rentable by the hour. Many of the cabins come with throw pillows, fans, and mirrors to give them more of a hotel appearance.

You’ll find the SAMS in Terminal 3.

Know more about these airports and their sleeping pods or know of others that we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section below and we’ll add the updated information to this list.

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