Where to Swim with Dolphins in Las Vegas . Photo credit: BrittReints
Although it’s about a day’s drive to the closest ocean, you can actually swim with dolphins in;Las Vegas!  Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat has a strong commitment to conservation, and all the animals that are part of the attraction are considered ambassadors for their species, teaching visitors about their natural habitats, their life cycle,  and their role in the protection of their species & environments.
The dolphin habitat at the Mirage includes four pools posting over 2.5 million gallons of water hosting more than 10 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. The pools offer guests the chance to watch and learn about the dolphins, but there are no shows. Trainers nurture and stimulate the dolphins at various times during the day, so guests get a chance to observe their natural behaviors. In addition to offering the dolphins a safe and healthy environment, the purpose of the habitat is to educate the public about the animals, including their role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
If you are ready to jump in the tank with the dolphins, you’ll need an advance reservation. Trainer for a day programs are offered on a daily basis and include up to 8 hours of dolphin interaction. The habitat won’t just throw you in for a quick swim though, you’ll discover the hard work and rewards of being an actual marine biologist during your visit including feeding, monitoring water levels and temperatures, inspecting animals for disease and new health issues, training, and of course, swimming!
Although the program is fun, it actually exists for the stimulation of the dolphins. Every encounter the habitat offers is used to teach the dolphins new skills or to keep them from getting bored or sullen while in captivity.
In addition to your swim with dolphins, you’ll get to explore the duo’s private collection of animals. Marvel at the size of the large cats on display including lions, white tigers, panthers, and leopards. The garden is beautifully designed and the cats all have lovely places to call home. You’ll forget your in the middle of the desert while enjoying the majestic beauty of these creatures in such a cool, landscaped environment.
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Photo credit: BrittReints

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