“You can never be too careful” — That saying applies to day-to-day life and CERTAINLY applies to travel when you’re booking flights.

Here are six reasons you should buy travel insurance the next time you book a flight.

1. Health is wealth: We all know how true the old adage is but the reality is that an injury can strike at any time. And by injury, we mean one that requires medical treatment. If you purchase protection after your injury occurs, then you won’t have much of a chance of getting your money back from your missed flight.

2. Jury duty time and there’s no way out of it: Doing your duty as a citizen is of the utmost importance, but what about that long overdue trip you’ve been planning (and already booked for)? Making sure you have insurance means you won’t lose out on your ticket money or get in trouble with the law.

3. You can’t find your passports or visas: As frustrating as that is, you can rest easy that you will get those important documents back eventually as well as the money from your flight that you missed.

4. Mother nature strikes: Now we all know how she can be real feisty, just when you’ve got the perfect trip all planned out. Sometimes she could drop enough snow to cause a flight to be postponed for at least 24 hours. Travel protection has got your back…whatever bad news the weatherman may bring.

5. Your bags end up in the wrong destination: If your luggage has failed to arrive at your destination within 24 hours then you’ll get some money back for this inconvenience. The amount of the refunded money could depend on if you’ve purchased the optional upgrade as well as if you’re carrying any emergency essential items.

6. You get to the airport and you see some people protesting: Oh no! Airline workers are on strike. In an instance a strike prevents your flight from leaving in the following 24 hours, you’d be covered if you purchased trip protection when you booked your flight.

Ready to buy travel insurance now? Yeah, we thought you would!

Make sure someone’s got your back when you book your next flight. Add on some protection when you book with CheapOair!

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  1. Avatar
    Avner Omer

    planning a trip in November
    1. does the insurance cover tickets refund in case i decide not to fly from any other
    personal reason ?
    2. if yes , how much time before the flight i have to report you ?

  2. Avatar
    Ramakrishna Narne

    I booked a round trip ticket to India with travel protection plan and one way journey is done. Now there is a chance that return date could change and yet to finalize on the date. Can you please advice how to take this forward.

    • Avatar
      Morly Cowan

      Hi Ramakrishna,

      If you’ll need to change your return date our customer service team can assist. You can reach them at 1-888-516-7919 or go to http://www.cheapoair.com and select the “live chat” option at the top right.


  3. Avatar
    Kim Chapman

    I think I may have the flu and I fly to Canada tomorrow and I have travel protection…what are my options as I just want to possibly delay my trip by a few days


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