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One of the best parts about being an adult is getting to travel with your mom. She’s probably instilled a deep love of travel in you as a kid, and, whenever either of you manages to find some deals on last minute flights, it’s always a joy to continue to experience that together over time. Here are four cities that are perfect for a memorable trip with your magnificent mother.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal has all of the charm of a European city, but with a history that’s all its own. Discover it with your mom as you stroll along the cobblestone streets in the Vieux Port (Montreal’s oldest neighborhood). Here you’ll find great international dining options, stunning views of the port, and museums that will help you better understand Quebec’s unique history and culture. To get a feel for contemporary Montreal, head to the up-and-coming Mile End neighborhood and check out the innovative galleries, chic eateries, and independent shops. Most inhabitants of Montreal are bilingual (French/English), which can make life easier if you and your mom need to brush up on your français.

Palm Springs, California

If you’re looking for relaxing getaways with mom, it’s hard to beat round trips to California‘s Palm Springs. From pristine golf courses to mid-century architecture tours to vintage and luxury shopping, there are plenty of activities to keep you and your mom occupied. Of course, lounging by the pool and sipping on wine is also a completely valid activity as well. Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs offers great dining and entertainment options, such as independent theaters, museums, and live music venues.

Florence, Italy

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence has many unique elements that will delight your mom. Take her to world-class museums such as the Uffizi Gallery or the Leonardo DaVinci museum. Simply strolling through central Florence is a lesson in history and aesthetics. The beauty of the Tuscan countryside is only a short train ride away, and provides a great chance to kick back and relax with mom. Vineyard and olive oil factory tours are a great way to add a little culinary interest to your trip (not that you’ll have any trouble finding delicious food and wine in Tuscany!).

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New York City, New York

With the abundance of cheap flights in May to New York City, there’s nothing easier and more fun than a mother’s day trip to the Big Apple. Play tourist and visit the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Avenue, you know the drill. When you’re done, head to Brooklyn to satisfy your foodie desires – there are always new and interesting restaurants opening. If mom is into art, there are plenty of galleries and museums to choose from — a trip to the Natural History Museum is always a blast. See if you can score some tickets to a Broadway or Off-Broadway show. Wind down at a jazz club before heading back to your hotel for some R&R (so you can do it all over again the next day!).

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken with your mom? What did you do there? Let us know about it in the comments section!

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  1. Kris

    When I was a kid living in St. Louis, we (my sister, mom and I) were Jehovah’s Witnesses. There was always a big convention during the summer, and sometimes we got to go to other cities for them. I really only remember one in Mobile, Alabama and another in Kansas City, but it was exciting. My dad also had a great vacation package through Bell Telephone…two to four weeks…and we’d take our camper on the road and travel the country. I traveled to all the contiguous states as a kid, and I have to be honest…I didn’t always look forward to vacation because it entailed hours upon hours sitting in that camper while my parents drove across country, and my sister and I would get so bored. (This was WAY before anyone even imagined having electronic devices that could keep kids entertained for days. When we first started vacationing, color tv hadn’t even been invented, yet.) Anyway, I still remember the excitement of driving into San Francisco, Montreal and NYC, and being kind of sickened at the tackiness of Las Vegas. To this day, traveling is one of my passions, and big cities remain the most thrilling places on earth for me. I credit my mom for a lot of that, and I’ve traveled a lot with my own daughter.


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