When you think of taking a vacation to escape the sweltering temperatures of July, you might not normally think of going to someplace tropical. Wouldn’t that just make things worse? Well, as it happens, tropical destinations frequently enjoy gorgeous weather for the entire year. And few destinations can match the balmy breezes and majestic beauty of Hawaii.

What follows are some of the key reasons why you might want to make Hawaii your summer destination.

The Weather is Unbeatable

Let’s face it: the weather in Hawaii is gorgeous pretty much throughout the year. In July, the temperatures typically hover in the low to mid 80s, dropping to the low 70s at night. Even better, the water temperature in Hawaii is also typically in the 80s as well, and that’s a far cry from the frigid water temps you’re like to encounter on either U.S. coast. The Hawaiian islands are situated so far from the U.S. mainland, the atmospheric movements that govern the cold and rain of the lower 48 states simply don’t apply. Hawaii is truly a climatic paradise.

You Can Avoid the Crowds

Na Pali Coast, Kauai

Another great thing about Hawaii is that you have so many islands to choose from. So if you want to avoid the July crowds in Maui and Oahu, try heading for the Big Island or Kauai. The Big Island of Hawaii, as its nickname implies, has more coastline than any other Hawaiian island. So there are plenty of ocean activities to engage in, including snorkeling and scuba diving to commune with the island’s teeming marine life, including turtles and manta rays. There’s also kayaking, surfing, and parasailing, or simply relaxing on the plentiful calm bays and beaches. On Kauai, you can go ziplining through the jungle or go on a backcountry adventure to view the gorgeous waterfalls.

So Many Festivals

During the month of July, the Hawaiian Islands really pull out all the stops when it comes to festivals. Theses celebrations highlight the history, way of life, and contributions of both the indigenous people and the islands’ many immigrant populations. You’ll find exquisite foods, amazing music, along with games, handmade items, and like things make these festivals not-to-be-missed attractions:

  • Lana’i Pineapple Festival: Located, appropriately enough, in Dole Park in Lana’i City on the island of Hawaii, this festival celebrates the time during which Hawaii produces 75 percent of the pineapples for worldwide consumption. Enjoy wondrous foods, crafts, entertainment, fireworks — and, of course, luscious pineapples.
  • Prince Lot Hula Festival: In Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, the Monaloa Gardens Foundation sponsors and annual festival celebrating the rich cultural history of the islands. And this, of course, include the iconic hula. The festival brings together the premier hula groups from all of the Hawaiian islands for a non-competitive daylong celebration of Hawaiian dance and culture.
  • Koloa Plantation Days: On Kauai’s south shore you can experience the Koloa Plantation Days, which celebrates the many ethnic groups that came to Hawaii to work on its sugar plantations, as well as the native Hawaiians who welcomed them. This ten-day celebration features music, dance, costumes, and, of course, food.

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It’s Surfing Season!

Ask any natives Hawaiian about surfing, and they’ll tell you that Hawaiians were born of the waves. For Hawaiians, riding the crest of the waves on a plank of wood joins humans and the ocean in a dance that not many experiences can equal. The sport is over a thousand years old, and was once enjoyed by royalty alone. But thankfully you no longer need royal blood to experience the awe-inspiring waves of Hawaii. The western and northern shores of Oahu are are especially popular surfers. Makaha Beach on Oahu in particular is the site of some of the best surfing in Hawaii in July. In summer, the waves tend to be a bit tamer than in the spring or the fall, which is just perfect for those who are looking to catch their first waves. So, check out those cheap flights to Honolulu, grab yourself a longboard, and catch a tasty wave off the stunning Hawaiian coast.

What’s your favorite part of visiting Hawaii? Let use know in the comments below. 

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