It’s the postcard image of the perfect honeymoon: palm-fringed beaches, the clearest of waters, colorful architecture, and a relaxing atmosphere that lets you savor life at the slowest of paces. The Caribbean has long been a favorite honeymoon destination and for good reason. Like a chocolate box, it’s comprised of countless islands, each with its own treat inside. Furthermore, the region is well equipped for honeymooners with its plentiful resorts, inns, and hotels. With so many places to choose from, we’ve rounded up some of the best spots in the Caribbean to spend your honeymoon.



If you can’t make it all the way to France, you might as well settle on a honeymoon in Martinique. Part of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique effortlessly blends French architecture, music, fashion, and cuisine with the laid-back Caribbean spirit. Filled with white sand beaches, lush rainforests, and French culture, some highlights include cities like Saint Pierre with its cobblestone streets, beaches like Les Salines, and the gurgling volcano Mont Pelée. Don’t forget to try some Boudin, a Creole blood sausage, and sip on some ti’punch, a heady concoction of rum and sugarcane syrup. If you and your partner are looking for outdoor activities, there’s also kayaking through the mangroves, canyoning, and surfing.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico_FINAL

For couples from the US who don’t want to worry about passports and immigration on their honeymoon, Puerto Rico is just perfect. You can get lost in culturally rich towns like San Juan with its museums, boutiques, and trendy bars or explore colonial spots like Ponce and San Germán. Puerto Rico also has some great things to do for adrenaline junkies couples. Here, honeymooners can zip down one of the longest zip lines in the world (Toro Verde), tank up on some of the finest rum in the world at the island’s many distilleries, or see the only subtropical rainforest in the US National Forest Service (El Yunque).



Down at the southern point of the Caribbean, honeymooners will find Curaçao colorful and vibrant. While the largest island in the former Lesser Antilles, Curaçao only measures six miles wide and 37 miles long! The island packs a punch, however, centered around the beauty of its capital Willemstad. The UNESCO World Heritage city is full of colonial Dutch architecture and plenty of buildings colored the hues of ice cream flavors. For being a small island, Curaçao manages to fit in nearly 40 beaches for couples to enjoy. You can sample some great authentic local food when you stroll together through the vibrant Old Market. Couples who love to dive will surely enjoy the island’s Mushroom Forest, an underwater jungle of 10-foot mushroom-shaped star coral.

St. Lucia


The French West Indies island of St. Lucia boasts both British and French heritage. It has become a popular honeymoon spot over the years thanks to its abundance of resorts, hotels, and romantic retreats. In addition to its indulgent accommodation options, St. Lucia is also a stunner. Known for its mountains, the Pitons, the island is filled with volcanic rock beaches, dense rainforests, and acres of banana plantations. You’ll love the fresh seafood, including the island’s famous banana fritters & salt fish preparation, as well as the locally brewed Piton beer. Couples can also unearth plenty of adventure activities, from zip-lining to ATV tours to mountain biking.



In many respects, Jamaica might be the most hands-off honeymoon destination in the Caribbean. Teeming with all-inclusive resorts, honeymooners have long chosen this nation for their post-wedding getaway as you don’t really have to lift a finger if you don’t want to. Beyond the all-inclusive resorts, Jamaica dazzles with its sugar-soft sand beaches and year-round sunshine. The island is famous for some wonderful seafood dishes, including the famous fish & festival (cornmeal fritters with grilled red snapper) and its renowned juicy jerk meats. It offers something for everyone, from the nightlife and colonial architecture of Montego Bay to one of the best Caribbean beaches in Negril.

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The Bahamas


With its appealing proximity to the US (just 50 miles off the coast of Florida), it’s no wonder that many American honeymooners book flights to Bahamas right after tying the knot. Home to countless resorts targeted at newlyweds, you can find a property suited for your needs, with just the right dose of seclusion. The nation boasts plenty of private island resorts, so you can hole up on your piece of land for as long as you want! Made up of more than 700 isles, this Caribbean destination also gives you the option of island hopping.  In addition, the Bahamas boasts some of the clearest water on the planet with a visibility over 200 feet. You can dive in with your significant other to see the world’s third-largest barrier reef, swim with dolphins, or just share a rum punch or two with the friendly locals.

St. Barts


For the honeymooners who want to rub elbows with the jet set, St. Barts is your destination. All about glitz and glamour, the island has attracted the rich and famous for decades. It is easy to see why as it looks like a piece of the French Riviera amidst the Caribbean. Beginning in Gustavia, couples will find the capital to be rich in restaurants and stores. St. Barts might seem exclusive, but its over 20 beaches are all public and free to access. In addition to celebrity spotting, the island treats honeymooners with snorkeling and kite surfing. Don’t leave without trying their famous accra (little codfish and flour fritters), which serves as the perfect side to a delicious rum cocktail.

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