If you need that morning dose of caffeine to get your day going, then we feel you! We’ve rounded up seven of the best places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, located in some major cities across the US. However you like your morning brew, these spots are well worth booking last minute flights to go visit — they are that good! So, if you’re in one of these cities or close by, then drop by to give your day the kick-start it deserves.

7. New York City – Black Fox Coffee

In the city that never sleeps, it’s hard to imagine getting through your day without getting that cup of joe to help. For an extra special coffee experience, head to Black Fox Coffee in New York City. This shop is known for its top-notch coffee bean selection (rumored to be the best in the city)! Pair your caffeine-fix with a roast chicken and avocado sandwich or a smoked salmon bagel for a truly incredible experience!

6. Nashville – Dose

There are a lot of reasons to visit Nashville … delicious fried catfish, some of the biggest names in Country Music … and coffee! Yep. Dose’s specialty coffee will have you coming back for more. This combo cafe and bakery is sure to send you into total caffeinated (or decaffeinated, if that’s what you’re into) bliss. The menu boasts organic and local foods, featuring baked goods are made from scratch and baked fresh every morning!

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5. San Francisco – The Scullery

Scotland transplants Sharon and Jason Lindley moved to San Francisco over 25 years ago … and fell in love with the area (and we don’t blame them). With a shared passion for food, cooking and coffee, this duo pour their heart and soul into each cup of incredible organic coffee they serve. If you’re looking for the perfect “hair-of-the-dog” concoction (and that too in a British themed eatery!) be sure to try the Tenderloin, a dangerously delicious combo of nitro cold brew with a splash of sweetened condensed milk.

4. New Orleans – Solo Espresso Bar

Eating and drinking is the heart and soul of this rich cultural and historical city. We all know New Orleans to be a melting pot of culinary traditions, ranging from French to Creole to Spanish cuisine (and of course so much more). To add to this diverse gastronomical bliss, Solo Espresso Bar brings a whole new dimension and you’ve got to check it out! This coffee shop is nestled in a 75-year-old house, with more history than you can imagine! When you order your coffee, you’ll be taking a sip of history as this shop uses a first-generation Synesso Cyncra — a silver espresso machine that was the 73rd of its kind ever made!

3. Miami – ALL DAY

First things first when you wake up in MIA — grab a strong cup of Cafe Cubano. As a matter of fact, head over to ALL DAY — it’s a popular coffee shop that has a variety of specialty drinks for you to indulge in. We suggest you order the Thai iced coffee with xocolatl mole bitters or a nitrogen-infused Brooklyn brew. And if the coffee isn’t enough to start your morning, grab a bite of french toast and scrambled eggs!

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2. Seattle – Anchorhead Coffee

You may have already had a cup of their cold brew as it has been sold throughout the Pacific Northwest prior to their cafe. When you enter, you’ll have a tough time deciding what to order as they have a number of drinks (including beer and wine), 4 taps of cold brew on draft, espresso options, and be sure to try the “quaffle” it’s a waffle made with croissant dough topped with maple syrup. Anchorhead Coffee Co. in Seattle has plenty of cozy seats so sit down, relax, and enjoy the ambiance!

1. Portland – Water Avenue Coffee

The coffee masters here brew up some of the highest quality coffees around! It all started in 2009 and has been a hit ever since. Prior to the grand opening, owners Bruce and Matt had years of experience in the coffee industry. This Portland shop is dedicated to the beans they brew and educating their employees on how to brew the perfect cup. Stop by this cafe and choose from a variety of authentic brews and if the caffeine’s not enough, they serve both breakfast and lunch!

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