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It doesn’t matter if you’re a party-goer headed to a destination like Cancun or you’re traveling abroad to explore a big city such as Paris; safety tips are needed in any and every city. Depending on where you book your cheap international flights to and the activities you plan to do once you get there, there will always be different safety measures to take note of. So if you’re ready to take off to your spring break destinations for the trip of a lifetime, follow these safety tips below for safe travels!

Secure Your Stay

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We know how exciting it is to get away and arrive at your spring break destination. When checking in or roaming the grounds of your hotel, be cautious when speaking about your room number and location. Announcing where your room is when you’re in a crowd can be a potentially dangerous move. Keep the location of your hotel room between you and your friends. It may sound obvious, but it’s best to be safe rather than sorry when away from home.

Keep Track of Your Valuables

It’s a good idea to keep your expensive jewelry and items that have a significant value to you back at home. If you insist on bringing them with you, keep them secure in your hotel safe. The most important item to keep track of when taking cheap international flights is your passport! To be prepared in case you happen to lose your passport, make a photocopy to keep as a backup. To avoid being the victim of theft on your trip, don’t leave your bags or valuables unattended; something as small as a passport can be easily stolen.

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Be Alert and Know Your Surroundings

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This one is important! Even if you’re traveling with a group of friends, you should always be aware of your surroundings. It’s easy for locals to spot tourists, especially when in a different country where English is not the native language. Know how to say important phrases or questions in the country’s native language. To stay safe, always keep your drinks covered and use the buddy system. Whether you’re at a bar, club, or a beach, it doesn’t matter — you never know who has dangerous intentions and distracted tourists are frequent and easy targets. No matter where you’re going, always stick with a friend to avoid traveling around a foreign town or city alone.

Know the Details of Your Trip

Do some research on the safety of the destination and resort you’re going to be visiting. Before you go, find out if the area in which you’re staying is safe. If you’re planning to party on your spring break trip, know the laws that the country or city has for drinking and partying. Be careful not to push the limit; you don’t want to end up in trouble with the law, especially when in a different country!

Stay Connected with Friends

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Hopping on your cheap international flights to get away for a few days is exciting, to say the least. You get to disconnect from everyday life and responsibilities. Some travelers look forward to shutting off from social media and their cell phones, but we recommend that you stay connected. We’re not suggesting to be on your cell phone for your entire trip, we’re encouraging you to keep it on you in case of an emergency. And, in the case of an emergency, it’s good to know how to contact personnel because 911 is not always the emergency number in other countries.

Know of any other safety tips travelers should use before departing for spring break? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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