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Done with classes? Done with shoveling snow? Done with the sniffles? Well, spring break is around the corner, and it’s about time you start planning for your sunny, fun getaway! We’ve sent our travel experts around the country, and around the world, to round up the best, most bang-for-your-buck destinations that are going to shape the vibe of your year ahead. Let’s get started!

Las Vegas

group of friends having fun taking selfies in front of welcome to las vegas sign

An oldie but still a LEGEN-DARY goodie, Sin City has much to offer when it comes to all kinds of thrills and spills … but the best part? A deal isn’t just at the craps table – you can get one on your flight and resort stay as well. Deals abound to Vegas for spring break, and all that competition means — you win!


Young couple enjoying a beer at pub in London with more people on background.

If you can budget in a quick hop across the pond, then London should be your destination. Easily accessible from the East Coast, and full of big city wonderment and old world charm, the city embodies a lively spirit that can’t be dampened by the occasional spring drizzle. Oh … and did we mention early March is one of the cheapest time to snag a flight deal there?

New Orleans

french quarter street scene in new Orleans

How can you say no to N’awlins? Flights get booked out fast, but don’t worry — you can still grab a last-minute deal if you know where to look. Accommodations also need to be organized at the earliest, as those in and around the French Quarter run out in record time. But once you get to the Big Easy, you know you’re going to be in for a wild ride of sleepless nights and nonstop dancing in the streets!


Young woman in yellow raincoat having fun riding a bicycle in Amsterdam city

Flush those preconceived notions about the city’s frivolous attitudes down the toilet! The party scene is just one layer to this diverse city. There’s art at the Van Gogh Museum, people-watching at Vondelpark, and understanding human conflict at the Anne Frank House. Mid-march also marks the beginning of tulip season, so there’ll be plenty of colorful Instagram pics up for the taking.

Myrtle Beach

A view of the shore line from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One of the cheaper beach locations for spring break, Myrtle Beach guarantees you won’t have to break your college fund to let your hair down. Round trip flights from both coasts are reasonable, the Boardwalk is lively, and once you get there accommodation won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Two friends having fun in Budapest

This one slipped under your radar, didn’t it? With its Renaissance and Gothic architecture and more than friendly exchange rate, you’ll feel like you’re the lucky pauper who suddenly becomes a prince/princess in a Disney flick! Tickets and accommodation to Budapest are historically cheaper in March, and while the weather remains slightly on the cooler side, it’s nothing a glass of pálinka (Hungarian fruit brandy) and some spicy sausage can’t solve.


Woman meditating in nature. Arinca flowers in alpine meadows. Cascade Mountains. Oregon. The United States.

For a turn from traditional spring break destinations, take a trip to the Northwest to Oregon, where the city of Portland beckons. The city is not far away from amazing spaces that are perfect for hiking and biking. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, don’t fret: there’s a very impressive restaurant and bar scene that will keep satisfied all through your stay.


friends in Rome having a beer at sunset

You can get a taste of la dolce vita when zipping around Rome on a colorful Vespa scooter, but more than anything, you’ll be lapping up the lower prices in a season where all the tourists have still not arrived. So go ahead, wear your trendiest outfit and sip on your cappuccino at a roadside café to take in life at a calmer pace. After all, when you’re in Rome …

Got any other suggestions for a cheap spring break? Let us know in the comments.

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