Already this month, we’ve put out some posts that we think are pretty cool. Whether we’re showing you what’s going on for Bastille Day, finding the top lost cities that you’ve got to see, or showcasing the most unique places you can get hitched, we’re always trying to give you stories that you want to read. So sit back, relax, and check out our top five stories so far in July!

5. Seven Places to Visit That Will Improve Your Mental Health

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As summer begins to wind down, we figured many of you are looking for any way to maximize their time off. This means getting the most out of your vacation, all the while boosting your mental health. For those suffering from anxiety or depression (or even both), sometimes the best remedy is some time off. Here is a list of the best places to unwind, relax, and find peace.

4. Best Clothing Optional Beaches ‘Round The World


We’re not a bit surprised that so many of you wanted to know about where to find the best spots to wear your birthday suit around the world—let’s be honest, going au natural is actually the perfect way to make sure you aren’t sporting the never-chic tan lines that all of our swimsuits can create. So if you’re ready to travel to the beautiful beaches across the Americas, Europe, and Australia to soak up the sun without the weird tan lines, read on!

3. Hilarious Air New Zealand Safety Vid with Anna Farris & Rhys Darby Takes Off


We’ve all had to sit through mundane flight safety videos or demonstrations that don’t hold our attention for too long, so it wasn’t shocking at all to see how many of you loved the Air New Zealand video that has upped the ante with this hilarious spoof of Hollywood genres that gets the message across … Along with a few laughs!

2. Millennials Aren’t Traveling Like You


As a leading online travel agency, we know that the days of travel agents, posed pictures with cheesy smiles, and the sun, sand, and souvenirs culture are on the way out. You loved reading our take on just what exactly this generation of twenty-and-thirtysomethings are looking for in their vacations. This new generation travels for culture, they travel for food, they travel to share. (And they’re completely transforming the travel industry as we know it.)

1. Most Affordable Places to Visit Each Month of the Year


Our month-by-month breakdown of where to go without breaking the bank showed us that you are looking for a break that doesn’t bloat your budget. From January to December, we’ve got your dream destinations covered. A few of these recommendations may actually be surprising, which is why we think you all liked this post so much!

In summary, you all love to say au revoir to tan lines, learn about the changes in travel trends, and love knowing how to get the most bang out of your buck on the road — good to know!

Are there topics you’d like to read about that didn’t make the list? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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