Need a break that doesn’t bloat your budget? Have a look at our list of most affordable places to fly to each month of the year. From January to December, we’ve got your travel destinations covered. A few of these recommendations may actually surprise you!


JANUARY: Melbourne, Australia
For a sunny and hot (but not too hot) January jaunt, head down under. While the Northern Hemisphere buckles under winter, summer is just kicking into effect down south. Australia’s perpetually hip foodie hub of Melbourne is an ideal destination to visit if you want a vacation mix of urban delights, sporty excursions, and maybe a day or two at the beach.

February is one of the cheapest – and best – months to travel to Hawaii. The overall number of tourists is down, but so is the amount of rainfall, while the average temperature stays as nice as it is throughout the rest of the year. Migrating humpback whales are still around (at least toward the beginning of the month) and there’s just as much natural beauty to see as during any other time of the year. Believe it or not, even close to and on Valentine’s Day, average hotel room rates in Honolulu are lower than usual.

MARCH: Argentina
March is the low season for Argentina, an elegant yet inexpensive place to visit anytime of the year. Weather’s still good and largely sunny. Save money while tangoing your way through Buenos Aires without getting your feet stepped, feeling the spray of Iguazú Falls in the north, or celebrate the harvest season in the Mendoza Wine Country of central Argentina.

APRIL: Chicago
Hotel rates in Chicago can be up to half off the average price during April. There might still be a slight chill in the air, but winter is over – and the nightlife, dining scene and shopping remain sizzling hot. It’s a terrific month for sports fans to visit as well, as basketball season ends and the baseball season starts.

MAY: Fort Lauderdale
The spring breakers are gone and the mega humid heat of the summer is still well off. And you know what they say about April showers and May flowers, right? Well, that holds doubly true for this lovely south Florida city. Plus, loads of Fort Lauderdale hotel rooms are on offer at a significantly reduced rate.

JUNE: China
Mostly mild weather throughout much of the country and no major national holidays add up to an amazing time to visit China. Plus, flights to and room rates in bustling cities like Beijing are lower than usual.

JULY: Boston
Summer in Massachusetts is a beautiful thing, particularly when you book your visit knowing you got a great deal. History, wonderful weather, and the 4th of July are all excellent reasons to visit Boston when travel prices are at their lowest.

AUGUST: New York City
There’s no way around it – New York City gets hot and sticky in August. But if getting there on a budget is your best bet, then going there in August is a must. With loads of summer celebrations and outdoor activities, it’s still a very fun time to experience the Big Apple, Besides, the street life is just as brash and vibrant as always.

As you might expect, when school starts back after summer Orlando sees a major drop in visitor numbers. Prices of hotel rooms in the theme park capital of America fall in September. If you’re traveling sans kids, have little ones not yet old enough for school, or can manage a quick weekend escape, September should prove the cheapest time to get away to Orlando.

OCTOBER: New Orleans
New Orleans is a deliciously affordable city all year round, but especially so in October. Whether ghost hunting in one of its many historic mansions or consulting a voodoo priestess, or having an over-the-top happy Halloween on Bourbon Street – you can do it all at significant discount in October.

NOVEMBER: San Francisco
You might end up leaving your heart there, but you’ll part with less money if you book a San Francisco hotel room for the week before Thanksgiving, when rates are up to half off the annual average.

DECEMBER: Frankfurt, Germany
Other German cities may receive more hype, but for some of the best Christmas markets and festive traditions set amid a dynamic and cosmopolitan cityscape – and at rock-bottom rates – Frankfurt is a December destination you can bank on!


Are there any affordable destinations you think are perfect for each month of the year? If so, let us know in the comments below!