There are few travel periods more popular than spring break. It’s not only the time of year when college students infamously flock to warm weather destinations, but when travelers not bound by campus life also enjoy a getaway to thaw some of the winter chills. But these days, a vacation shared with crowds of partiers or packed with fellow tourists is something that most want to avoid. Crowded destinations are unappealing to travelers now more than ever before.

Yet, any worthwhile place to visit for spring break would surely be filled with people, right? Not true! There are lots of trips you can take to less-crowded spring break destinations — both domestic and international. Here are just six of them:

Portland, Oregon

While the pacific northwest might not be a destination that many people consider for spring break. Its second-largest city, Portland, is a palace that has something for everyone. With incredible food, beer, and wine scenes, as well as beautiful nature all around it, a trip to Portland is ideal for anyone looking for a memorable travel experience and escape from crowds. Some of the best things to do in Portland include checking out the great food trucks, hiking in Forest Park, or enjoying a beer at one of the local breweries. Plus, visitors can end each day by taking in one of the city’s famously amazing sunsets. Portland is an excellent choice for those looking for a less crowded spring break destination that still offers plenty of activities and attractions.

Montreal, Canada

A trip to Canada may not be what most people think when it comes to spring break. But Montreal is a city that offers a plethora of unique experiences for those looking for a less-crowded vacation. It’s not only home to a world-famous art scene, but also an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. You can relax in one of the city’s renowned jazz bars after exploring miles of bike trails and bike paths. Take a guided kayak tour along with one of the city’s many waterways one day, see contemporary art at museums like Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal the next. The city is also home to a wide variety of dining experiences, from casual dining spots to fine French eateries, offering amazing cuisine and so much more.

Sarasota, Florida

Florida is a state that notoriously draws crowds of people on spring break fights looking to party. But the city of Sarasota has a relaxed and comfortable vibe that makes it perfect for those looking to take it easy in the sunshine state. It’s an ideal destination for those who want to soak up some sun each day. Whether you’re planning a trip with the family or just your group of friends, Sarasota offers plenty of activities and attractions that will keep everyone entertained all week long. Some top things to do are fishing at Siesta Key beach, checking out the St. Armands Circle shopping area, and enjoying dinner at one of the many restaurants along Tamiami Trail. But whatever else you do in Sarasota, be sure you don’t miss checking out the amazing views from Lido Key Beach.

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Mallorca, Spain

Spain’s Balearic Islands have been international spring break destinations for years. They draw cruise ships, world-class DJs, and partiers from all over the world. But most go to the island of Ibiza, which leaves the scene on the largest island of Mallorca more dialed down. Something else that makes it great? Mallorcans are friendly, relaxed, and welcoming. This island has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and promenades for those who don’t want to part in confined clubs, amazing hiking and biking trails to explore some of the outdoor and historic scenery, and incredible dining experiences that are not to be missed. It’s also a great jumping-off point to get to and explore some of the smaller and less-well-known islands and inlets of the archipelago — which can offer some quieter vacation options.

Savannah, Georgia

The historic city of Savannah has an interesting mix of dark, gothic sensibility and a laid-back, relaxed vibe. It’s the type of less-crowded destination for those looking to get away from everything while still having plenty of things to do. Visitors can check out attractions like the Savannah Riverboat Cruises, Forsyth Park, City Market, and the Juliette Gordon Low House (birthplace of Girl Scouts). There are unique activities like ghost tours of colonial mansions, exploring the gardens at Bonaventure Cemetery, seeing live theater, enjoying the delicious southern cuisine of the city’s unique restaurant scene, and so much more


Antigua is a Caribbean spring break destination with a higher-than-average price tag that keeps it less crowded than neighboring islands. It’s home to some of the most well-known luxury beach resorts and hotels in the region and has made a name for itself as a honeymoon destination. So, it’s ideal for couples looking to take a romantic spring break. If you can afford it, Antigua is a beautiful place with plenty of things to do. Its pristine beaches and picturesque cities make it a place where you can disconnect from your phone and experience the beauty around you. There are also plenty of fine dining restaurants, unique ocean adventures, and historical sights to see.

Know of any other less-crowded spring break destinations that should be on this list?  Tell us about them in the comments below! 

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