"Wall Street Bull," CC Flickr photo credit: Ana Carina Lauriano
The “Charging Bull” has been behind bars since #OWS started


The protestors are gone but a barricade remains at the site of one of New York City’s most famous photo ops.


The “Charging Bull” statue near Zucotti Park in Lower Manhattan has been a tourist draw for years, with dozens of visitors lining up to take photos every hour.


However, Occupy Wall Street protests forced the NYPD to block off the iconic statue two months ago, fearing vandalism.


Now that the protests have been broken up, local merchants say it’s time for the barricade to go. Many were already hit hard by the protests themselves and are still suffering in the aftermath.


They complain that the remaining barricades are sending the wrong message to those arriving on flights to New York City. They want visitors to know it’s OK to come downtown and that they’re open for business.


Source: Newsmax

CC Flickr photo credit: Ana Carina Lauriano

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