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 A Delicious Late Night Snack!


New York City has so much European influence, you wouldn’t even realize it until you look back at its past and present. The city was founded by the Dutch, inhabited by the British and later populated by immigrants like the Italians, Polish and German. The shape of the city has truly been influenced by the wave of Europeans that have called NYC their home. This is especially quite evident in the flavors and cuisine of great NYC eateries.
Pomme Frites: Belgian and Dutch
Technically, it is not a restaurant but a place of its own on this list of the best of European flavors in New York City. It’s a little bit Belgian, Dutch and French in one tiny little stand in the East Village. This specialty shop serves fresh fried potatoes with a vast selection of toppings from the classic speciale a’la Dutch with onions and mayonnaise, to parmesan peppercorn sauce. It’s a nice snack in between meals, or even a late night meal in itself as the Europeans do on the other side of the pond.
Pepolino Restaurant: Italian
Who says you have to go all the way to Italy to get the best pizza and pasta? New Yorkers love to brag that they have the best restaurants but they can easily be right about the best Italian food on the East Coast.  Pepolino Restaurant prides itself in serving up authentic Italiano from a true Italian family from Naples. Featuring elegant Tuscan dishes like Carpaccio del bosco and Spaghetti ai Gamberi (spaghetti with shrimp), you’ll be sure to lick your plate clean and thank the chef for simple, but succulent dishes.
Les Sans Culottes: French
Oui Oui, there is indeed a traditional French restaurant without the French prices smack in the middle of Midtown Manhattan. Les Sans Culottes has been serving up simply French for over 30 years. It’s an intimate space in the middle of chaos and well worth the trip to the East Side. You get a bargain for your buck with dressed up dishes like Moules Marinieres- steamed mussels and Boeuf Bourguignon (beef stew) with a red wine sauce.
Ithaka Restaurant: Greek
It sounds Greek, it looks Greek and the food there sure is Greek at Ithaka Restaurant. Get your OPA! on at this lesser known Greek restaurant on the Upper East Side. It looks like a Greek family dining room with simple white walls with Greek knick knacks hanging all over. The good is authentically Greek and so is the ambiance and customer service. Just ask the waiters what they recommend and they’ll be sure to exuberantly please you with warm, delicious dishes like Mousaka.
Schnitzel Haus: German
It’s worth the trip to Brooklyn to get traditional German food, accompanied by a large German beer. The ambiance truly is German with traditional wenches, German beer on tap and the simple seating. Everything on the menu sounds fantastich (German for fantastic) from the Wurst-sampler of sausage with German potato salad to the outstanding choices of schnitzels. Go for a traditional wienerschnitzel made from veal cutlet.
Grab your flight to New York City and fill your gut European style!
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