Ladies and gentlemen, bragging rights for the U.S.’s best coffee no longer belong only to strongholds in the Pacific Northwest and NYC.

From Miami to Austin, from Baltimore to Salt Lake City, artisans are popping up all over the country — even in communities you might not expect.

We found a handful worth getting your buzz from.

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Caffe D’Bolla

One of the biggest differences we found between SLC and other well-known caffeine meccas? A gem that only a handful of places in North America can claim: an artisanal siphon bar, Caffe D’Bolla. A cup of this coffee is unlike any you’ve ever drank.

The experience begins as soon as you walk in the door, as classical music washes over you. Once you order one of the few select beans on the siphon menu, owner John Piquet begins the brewing process — truly treating it like the art form that it is. Piquet, who happens to be the shop’s sole barista, gladly shares his knowledge as he goes, explaining the history of the siphon as well as the best way to actually drink the cup. (Yes, there is a technique to it).

He showed us the entire process:

Publik Coffee House
Publik has become a meeting point for most SLC locals, with its ample light and seating space in a two-floor warehouse building. They roast their beans in-house, something you can view for yourself from behind a long, glass window separating the common space from the roasting area.

Blue Copper
Blue Copper stands out as one of the newest additions to the SLC coffee scene, opening its doors in 2013. With its sunny outdoor tables, it’s a great place to haul your laptop for some inside/outside WFH options while sipping on a quality pour-over.

The shop boasts its “lighter-side” roasts, as well as the option to have its beans delivered … with no minimum order required. Um, yes please.

The Rose Establishment
For those familiar with San Francisco’s Four Barrel roasters, you’ll appreciate The Rose Establishment. They brew FB exclusively, in addition to whipping up some delicious soups, salads and sandwiches (pro tip: try the Paneer sandwich, served on a toasted walnut bread).

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