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Have a Slice!


Some of us are lucky enough to be native New Yorkers, but those who aren’t can luckily book a flight to New York any time of the year. The magic of one of the best international cities is that you can always find something to do no matter the time of the year. Yet, if you aren’t making NYC part of your trip and you find yourself with only 24 hours in The Big Apple, what exactly would you do?


Take a photograph at Times Square: Pitbull said it best in his hit song “Give me everything” with the lyric “Or, better yet, go to Times Square. Take a picture of me with a Kodak” Times Square is quintessential NYC at its best. Sure, it is polluted with tourists and sometimes a headache to go through, but the magic of the shining lights and busy streets is typically NYC style. It reinforces the idea that this truly is the city that never sleeps.

Enjoy NYC pizza: Italy may be just as famous for its delicious pizza, but NYC also has a fine reputation for serving up carbs at its best. Dating back to the early 20th century, the New York-style pizza is known for its large, wide and thin shape. To eat it like a New Yorker is to fold the ends together and eat accordingly. This flexible treat is portable; perfect for the New Yorker or tourist on the go. Grabbing a slice to go is not only the perfect way to fuel your 24 hours in NYC, but it is the budget friendly way to dine. You won’t spend more than $3 on a plain slice anywhere in NYC.

Wander around and get lost: Don’t feel overwhelmed by the numerous tourist attractions the city has to offer. It’s impossible to do everything you want in 24 hours, let alone a week! It’s easy to get frustrated choosing the best of the best of sites in the city, which is why sometimes getting lost is the answer. Most visitors enjoy the craziness of the subway or simply walking down the grid-like streets. Put on your best walking shoes, leave your map behind and enjoy the busy city- who knows what it will surprise you with.

Shop at Century 21: With only 24 hours in New York, you may have noticed something extremely unique. There just might be more shopping spaces in the city than actual inhabitants. Selling everything from high end design fashions to street finds from local vendors, shopping in NYC is truly an art. If you need one centralized location to do all your shopping, consider Century 21. Located in Lower Manhattan, this huge department store is popular with tourists and even locals searching for bargains. You can get your souvenir shopping completed, buy a new outfit and purchase a suitcase to stuff it all in all for a lot less than your actual flight here.

Be in a New York State of Mind: Whether you prefer Billy Joel’s or Jay Z’s interpretation of the song, what remains is that a trip to New York is a special experience. You may find yourself in an emotional roller coaster; overwhelmed by sites, tired of walking, excited at the buzz of the city and sad to leave it, but the city truly pulls on your emotional strings. New Yorkers even have a reputation for being “New Yorker.” What does this mean exactly? Working hard to play hard and enjoying every aspect of what the city has to offer, while cursing out some guys causing traffic.


Photo: sivart13

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