We all have that one friend that’s always doing crazy extreme sports — then brags about it at the next get together. And while hiking Everest and diving in the Mariana Trench are definitely still on our #BucketList, we also wanted to look at extremes that are actually, you know, doable for the traveler with an itinerary and a bad back. Check out this list of nine totally doable extreme activities and get ready to brag about it to your buddies next time y’all get together.

Summit the World’s Tallest Mountain (Seriously)


Mount Everest actually isn’t the world’s tallest mountain — Mauna Kea, a million-year old dormant volcano in Hawaii, is. Even though the bulk of it is completely underwater. The above ground elevation clocks in at a doable 13,802 feet.

Swim with the Sharks


… Even though they won’t be remotely interested in turning you into lunch. You can snorkel in open waters with a ton of friendly sharks — nurse, blacktip, whitetip, and lemon are just a couple of species that are super apathetic to human existence.

Walk the Rim of an Active Volcano


Mount Stromboli, in Sicily, Italy is constantly belching magma — and you can hike up to the rim. At an elevation of a modest 3,000-feet, the trek is totally doable — and braggable.

Visit the Hottest Place on Earth


Death Valley in eastern California clocks in an average temperature of 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit — though it has been recorded reaching highs of 134 degrees! Luckily you can get around the national park from the comfort of your car (and its AC unit).

Touch an Iceberg


At the Jokulsarlon Lagoon in Iceland! Guided tours will take you around the breathtaking park full of icy glaciers that you can simply reach out and touch.

See the Biggest Recorded Waves


Sudden, unexpected swells have been regularly recorded off of Norway’s coast — the biggest of which clocked in at 84 feet tall!

Visit the Most Isolated Human Settlement

The Main Settlement on Tristan da Cunha

Located in the South Atlantic, Tristan da Cunha is the farthest away you can get from human civilization. It’s a British Overseas Territory and about 260 people reside there.

Explore the Largest Show Cave in Northeastern America


Howe Caverns is the largest cave open to the public in the northeastern United States. Located 15 stories (156 feet) below the Earth’s surface, it’s one of the deepest places that you can actually visit in the States.

Are there any other doable extremes that we missed on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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