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Grab a Bottle of Torrontes (Middle)


There’s a reason why Torrontes is considered the white wine of Argentina. It accounts for 20 percent of all white wine sold in the country! It is smooth and distinctive, a great alternative to the standard white wines you’re used to seeing served at parties. And with cheap flights to Argentina, you can go right to the source!

Head down to Argentina’s Mendoza region to put yourself right in the heart of Torrontes country. Plan a visit to the Luis Segundo Correas winery, and learn what it takes to turn the grape into an aromatic wine that you can enjoy with a wide variety of meals. Or, visit Bodegas Lopez  for a tour that includes the vineyards, estate and tastings (of course!). At Bodega Dante Robino, you’ll be able to take a guided tour.

Doubtless, wine is destined to be paired with food. Find a local restaurant, and sit down for a meal of pork and caramelized onions or grilled mahi mahi. Pay attention to what you eat, because you’ll probably want to do something similar when you get home! Torrontes is widely available in the United States (though you might have to hunt around a bit, or ask your local wine store to help you out). Instead of sitting down to your standard cabernet-and-prime-rib dinner, get wild with Torrontes, and check out the wide variety available to you in the kitchen.

None of this happens, of course, without your cheap tickets to Argentina! While you’re on your vacation, be sure to spend a few days in Buenos Aires, and check out the local culture and sights. May Avenue, Café Tortoni and Two Congress Park should definitely be on your list!

And while you’re there, make it a point only to drink local wine. You’ll expand your horizons, and the days of choosing between pinot grigio and chardonnay will come to an end. Wine travel is fun and exciting – but only if you make it that way. Take a trip to Argentina, and introduce yourself to the world of Torrontes!



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