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About to take the leap into retirement and thinking of doing so overseas? Your options are many but the argument for putting Thailand at the top of your list is strong.

The cost of living in Thailand is much cheaper than it is in the United States. Still, standards in the Southeast Asian nation are still relatively high when it comes to housing and general quality of life.

If you’re looking to retire and start living on a fixed income or begin tapping into your life savings, Thailand should be a top consideration for stretching your money as far as possible without having to skimp on the good things in life. Odds are you could be able to settle into a much nicer apartment, condo, or house and enjoy a better lifestyle in Thailand than in the US. You certainly should be able to “live it up” at least a little more as an expat in Thailand by treating yourself to nice meals and going out more often.

And of course, the things that most folks like best about Thailand – the amazing weather and the beautiful beaches – will be free for you to take advantage of. Outdoor lovers will relish the opportunity to explore their new home with miles and miles of coastline, loads of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and vast highlands and mountains.

Culture vultures will find Bangkok’s big city buzz and cosmopolitan flair to be exhilarating. It boasts fabulous temples, world-class fine dining, and street food, shopping on par with any high-end destination across the globe.

For a more subdued experience, chilled out Chiang Mai to the north of Bangkok awaits retirees who might be more keen to spend their golden years regularly attending yoga sessions or playing rounds of golf – or both.

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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, tourists visiting by boat, located in Bangkok, Thailand.

The royal seaside retreat of Hua Hin or the southern resort towns of Krabi and Phuket could be ideal for anyone seeking an East-meets-West mix of amenities and attitude with awe-inspiring sunsets coupled with an easygoing pace.

Throughout the country, you’ll find access to top-rated spas to be an affordable indulgence. Hospitals and healthcare are in line with most American expectations when it comes to access, cleanliness and price.

Roads and infrastructure are good. Bangkok has one of the best-connected airports for travel to and from anywhere in the world.

The Thai people are renown for their warm hospitality. Millions of people every year head to the “Land of Smiles” to unwind. Many of them return back again and again and some even choose to stay for the best years of their lives.

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