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International eats in the City that Never Sleeps


Once upon a time, New York City was an uninhabited place full of hilly farmlands and endless space, which attracted the attention of a few Dutch settlers. More than 400 years later, these prospects are absolutely wiped.


The Big Apple is now a cultural melting pot of the entire world. A busy and overwhelming metropolis, visitors arriving on flights to New York City will need a proper meal to fuel their travels. What better way than to sample a wide array of international cuisine? Here are my picks for grabbing the best global dishes in the city:


Moroccan/Middle Eastern – Bab Marrakech: There is more to Middle Eastern cuisine than hummus and falafels and Bab Marrakech knows this. (Even though both are slamming good.) Hell's Kitchen is notorious for international food spots, but this one truly stands out. With reasonable prices and reliable service, it’s no wonder people keep coming back. Whatever spices they put in their lamb chops, and even their salads, it's finger licking good.


Austrian – Schnitzel and Things:  Once a popular food truck and now a small, but sweet restaurant in Midtown, Schnitzel and Things is the ideal spot for a little bit of Austria in Manhattan. Those who aren't familiar with the popular dish may recognize Schnitzel as a delicious treat; schnitzel boneless meat thinned and coated in breadcrumbs. The international twists are the delicious sides, like homemade sauerkraut or chickpea salad. Top off your meal with a traditional Austrian beer!


Peruvian – Mancora: In the Northern coast of Peru is a quiet, yet active surfer’s town where everyone is tranquilo-relaxed. Mancora may be the ideal getaway from city stress, but so is a date at the restaurant of the same name. Located just off the college scene streets of St Mark's towards the East Village, Mancora serves up traditional Peruvian cuisine. If you've been to Peru, you'll be familiar with traditional dishes like Papa A La Huancaina or Lomito de Carne. Both are on offer with an Appetizer and Soft Drink during Mancora's Lunch Special. What’s worth coming here is the traditional citrus marinated ceviche and a perfect Pisco Sour; the national cocktail of Peru.


French – Le Sans Culottes: Finding simple French cuisine without actually going to France is usually difficult in the big city. You've got restaurants offering French dishes, sure, but what about a pure French restaurant? Le Sans Culottes in Midtown Manhattan is just the perfect spot. Head downstairs to find traditional French bliss in this romantic dimmed restaurant. Pre-Fixed Dinners start at just $25 with delicious options like Crevettes Provençales: Sautéed shrimps with a tomato and garlic sauce; or Cordon bleu: Chicken breast, breaded and stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese. All you will say is: Oui Oui!


Korean – Don Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar: Smack in the middle of K-town is one of the fancier options for Korean BBQ. With its sleek interior design, fantastic high tech grilling tables, and of course, deliciously marinated beef, you'll wonder what took you so long to get here. You'll pay a pretty penny, but in return you'll find good eats and great customer service. Note: Enjoy trying to get into the strange seating, you have to experience it to understand it.


CC Flickr photo credit: Leo Newball, Jr.


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