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If you think the New York Chocolate Show is all about chocolate, well a majority of it is, you’re still in for quite a surprise.
The 15th annual New York Chocolate Show, held this past weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City, had quite a few standouts, including Screme and Salt of The Earth Bakery.
Screme, one of over 40 vendors at the event, is a gelato company that simply blew my mind.  Never before did I have any interest in trying gelato, now I’m on a mission to visit a Screme location and bring my tastebuds back to life.  A rep from the company, Nicole, broke down their gelato-making process and made it clear all they care about is the quality of their product.  And it’s evident in all of their flavors, some of which are induced with whiskey and tequila. Delicious!
The aforementioned Salt of The Earth Bakery changed the way I think about cookies! They top their tasty cookies off with some fresh sea salt.  It sounds gross, it really does, but it really isn’t!  I was overly excited to take some of their cookies home with me, and yeah, they’re already gone.
Tickets for the event only ranged from $35 to $50, but you definitely get your fill of free samples and reach new horizons and you’ll probably never come across elsewhere!
Keep an eye out for their show next year by following their website.
If you’re a chocolate lover, plan ahead and grab your flight to New York in advance for next year’s show!
photo: Aldo Singer

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