Do you dream your way through winter, shivering in anticipation of the moment when you can finally go outside in a T-shirt? Or do you count down the days of summer wistful for when it’s cool enough to don your coziest hoodie, sweater, or scarf? We all have our favorite seasons, optimal outdoor temperatures and preferences regarding sun, rain, snow, wind and other weather conditions.

Whatever your favorite season may be, start searching for cheap flight deals to spend less. Knowing when and how to plan trips based on your favorite type of weather can make it possible to stretch your summer out, extend a fantastic ski season, avoid the worst of winter and even escape reality (if only for a little while).

Here’s how:

Travel to Your Favorite Temps

beach in cape town south africa

When it’s wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s summertime in the South Hemisphere — and, of course, vice versa. So if it’s warm weather you seek in the middle of a North American winter, head south to countries like Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina for beach volleyball, sunbathing and long hours of daylight. It’s worth keeping global seasonality in mind when booking a dream vacation such as an African safari. For example, summers in South Africa can be super hot, but the winters are often mild. So, it might be wise to go during their winter (which would be summer in the U.S.).

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Seize the Extended Daylight


In that last section about seasonal differences between hemispheres, we alluded to long hours of daylight. The far north and south of the planet see the longest hours of daylight during their respective summers (and least amount during their winters). For days that are lit and long and filled with fun, consider visiting Scandinavia and northern Europe at the height of summer. June 21st is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway do it up in royal style with festivals and celebrations. The furthest reaches of these places can see no night at all for some spell. If you think it’s always gray and drizzly in London or Hamburg, you’ve never been in either during a pleasant June or July evening with the last rays of sunshine lasting well past many people’s bedtimes.

Same-Same along the Equator

woman sitting by pool on an island

If daylight hours vary between summer and winter as you move towards the north and south poles, they stay pretty much the same all year in the tropics. The closer you get to the equator, the less seasonal a place is (although there may be times of year when it receives different amounts of rain). So if it’s guaranteed warmth you’re after, meet in the middle (of the planet) for hot times. Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines are a few Southeast Asian destinations to keep in mind that see minimal seasonal change. Brazil, the Maldives and most of the Caribbean are worth keeping in mind as well.

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Mountain Air

traveler with arms raised in Bogota, Colombia

What if you like things constantly cool? One strategy to search for a consistent string of crisp and sunny days is to go somewhere tropical with big mountains with high enough elevation to temper the heat. Because it sits at such a high elevation, Colombia’s capital of Bogota sees minimal variation between its hottest and coldest months. The temperature tends to stay in the mid to high 50s (Fahrenheit) all year round. Ditto in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The mountains of the Maui and Big Island of Hawaii are chilled out areas of hot spots too.

Snow, Way!

family skiing

Yes, way! Big, big mountains and the poles can see snow last all year. The highest peaks of the Alps and the Rockies, Alaska and the Yukon and Antarctica are winter wonderlands bucket list contenders for folks who love the white stuff and crave an icy reception when they travel.

Where It’s Always Dry … or Wet

palm springs, california landscape

Hate the rain? There’s a place for that. It’s called the desert. Grab cheap flight deals to Mesa, Arizona and Palm Springs, California; they are the two places that spring to mind when thinking about traveling to avoid wet weather. If you’re more inclined to love morning mist, rainbows, frizzy hair, and fuzzy moss, then the Borneo’s rainforests of Borneo, Dublin’s pubs, or Seattle’s cafes might be more your speed.

Are you more a snowbird or snow bunny? Tell us where you like to travel in the comments below!


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