Frankfurt International Airport


While flights have been resuming in Europe, things are still far from being the way they were before the Iceland volcano erupted.


The volcano explosion and the weeklong shutdown of air traffic have added another aspect of uncertainty to the troubles and fears of flying. A debate has begun over the correct reply by airlines and governments to the volcano eruption and ash cloud. 


Similar to the reaction of airport security after September 11th, the volcanic eruption can cause things in European airports to be unsettled for a long while. Europe may witness a big change in their aviation history.


Travelers are already saying that they’d rather take the train to their destinations if they are available because they now seem safer and more reliable.
A 28-year old telecommunications operator from Paris stated: “I’d just be afraid of flying into a cloud.”


Experts have noted the severe psychological effect the ash cloud could have on travelers.


“There have been a number of occasions when air travel has been impacted by people’s fear of terrorist events or wars,” said David Henderson, spokesman for the Association of European Airlines. “ But it’s rare for natural phenomena to cause the same reaction.”


Travel industry observers do not suspect that the volcanic eruption will affect the manner in which Americans travel to Europe.


It’s no doubt that people will think about this week’s events when planning to travel.


Time will have to tell about whether or not the volcanic eruption will have long term effects on travelers' decisions.



Source: abc NEWS


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