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When you think of New York City, what comes to mind is a place where fun has no end. Where Carrie from “Sex and the City” sipped on Cosmos, and where you could imagine grabbing a pint with the “How I Met Your Mother” gang. While California may be wine country, the divine drink is quite popular in New York City. Wine bars are the latest trend to appreciate good wine in a relaxed environment.

Amélie: In the heart of Greenwich Village, you’ll often find first time tourists enjoying the happy hours at the many bars and clubs in the area. You’ve been there and done that and you’re looking for a more upscale experience. At Amélie, you’ll find a place where New York City meets France. You can still enjoy happy hour, with a French twist. Enjoy a glass of wine for $6 and nourish yourself with $6 appetizers including escargot and French goat cheese. Their selection of wine doesn’t cater only to France, but to European neighbors Spain and Germany.

The Immigrant: With a catchy name like this, how can you not want to know what’s being served up here. This cozy wine bar gets busy and for good reason. It’s an exotic sort of place in the middle of New York City’s hustle and bustle. It’s small enough to enjoy with a few friends, but not large enough for it to be packed. This friendly place serves up wine and small platters, like cheese and olives. It’s simply the quaint little wine bar in NYC.

Kaia Wine Bar: We know most tourists can spend all of their time exploring downtown and midtown Manhattan. But, a visit to Kaia Wine Bar is worth a trip uptown to the Upper East Side. The name comes from the South African word for hut- or home. Explore the fine South African wine; a type getting quite popular in New York City. This elegant place pairs their wine with superb South African dishes that will make your mouth water. (Butternut squash, sage, and ricotta toasties- yes please!)

Clandestino: New York City’s Chinatown is famous for three things: Excellent Asian cuisine, cheap souvenirs and being overcrowded. No one would expect a sweet little wine bar to be in the middle of this madness. But indeed, if you travel off the beaten path- you will find Clandestino.  You’re guaranteed to enjoy the quirkiness of this wine bar. Bartenders are extremely friendly and can always recommend a good wine. It’s like a dive bar meets a wine bar and creates a place that isn’t too 20-something, but not over the top.

est. 1986 Wine Bar/Lounge: Try not to miss this place: since it’s located in the Hotel Sanford. est. 1986 Wine Bar/Lounge is an intimate place that is modern and simple, but their selection makes it feel a lot classier. Call it New York’s best kept (now revealed) secret for winos; it’s that perfect place to unwind on a Friday evening after a busy work week. Tourists will love that it’s located near Herald Square; a large shopping district.

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