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TSA checkpoints will be more thorough at BWI

Traveling through Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport is about to become a bit more intrusive as the Transportation Security Authority announced full-body scanners will start being used by passengers Tuesday.


BWI Airport had used body scanners in the past, but only as a backup security measure. More and more airports are installing the expensive and controversial machines throughout the next few years as it will eventually become the primary tool for screening air travelers.


Privacy advocates have blasted the TSA over these machines, insisting they show too much and leave passengers walking through them vulnerable to images that can see through their clothing. The government has stated that full-body scanners will help them better detect metallic and non-metallic items that could cause a threat to passengers in the sky.


Unlike in Europe where it is mandatory to go through full-body scanners, U.S. travelers have the option to either use the machine or receive a full-body pat-down from a TSA official. In other words, show it all or be groped. 


Will you be using the full-body scanners or going with the pat-down from a TSA official? According to the TSA when asked, 98 percent of travelers said they would opt for the machine. 


Source: NBC 

CC Flickr photo credit: redjar

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  1. Peter Kulkosky

    You’re right, the images look ridiculous in public and the Supreme Court should be ashamed of itself.


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