A road just outside Tinerhir, Morocco

Just outside Tinerhir, Morocco en route to Todra Gorge

Situated in northwest Africa, Morocco is a country infused with African, European and Arabian influences. Due to it’s rich multi-cultural history, Morocco is a fascinating travel destination to visit.


Morocco has come a long way since becoming independent of France in 1956. While today’s Morocco is still ruled by a king, it did establishment a bicameral legislature in 1997. For the most part the press is free to report without incident, however there have been situations recently where they were censored.


When traveling to Morocco, most tourists flock to well known cities such as Rabat (the capital), Fez and Casablanca (which became a household name after the 1942 film).


But when visiting this fascinating country, make sure to include the lesser known city of Tinerhir on your itinerary. Rent a car and make your way to the breathtaking Todra Gorge for an extremely memorable road trip.


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