Las Vegas: Not just an adult playground
Despite what you may think, families are welcome in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is more than just glittery resorts and gaming. While it is an adult playground, it is not just for adults. There’s an entire other world filled with attractions suitable for all ages.


After people track down cheap flights to other cities in the US and abroad, they often plan on visiting iconic locations – like the Met in New York, or the Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. ThoughLas Vegas is no different. There are a handful of museums that educate visitors on a wide range of things.


While “Las Vegas” and museums may not sound like they go together, the truth is … they do.


Neon Museum & Boneyard: Any trip to Las Vegas should include a stop at the Neon Boneyard. This is where the old neon signs from Las Vegas retire. The outdoor tour is worth the $15 donation and includes a history lesson on Las Vegas and the neon heyday, as well as stories about the hotels whose signs have come here to spend their remaining days. Rock stars have filmed music videos here, and with the background of ancient neon signs on careful display, it’s easy to see why. Tours are reservation only.


Atomic Testing Museum: Once upon a time, Las Vegans and visitors would head to Downtown to watch as atomic bombs were exploded over the desert. Today, more than 60 years later, all that remains of these events are exhibits. While the Nevada Test Site is still in existence, there are no longer bombs going off. The museum offers education about the testing during the 1950s and 60s, as well as an opportunity to see what being near an explosion of this caliber might have felt like – the Ground Zero Bunker. Learn about atomic testing, read about the events and participate in the interactive experience.


Springs Preserve: Set on 180-acres, the Springs Preserve offers a little bit of everything. It’s got culture. It’s got recreation. It’s got education. Perfect for the family, spend a day at the preserve and learn about sustainability, wander the numerous hiking trails, take in the galleries and learn more about preservation.


Las Vegas Natural History Museum: There are sharks. There are dinosaur bones. There are exhibits that trace back the Earth’s existence from pre-historic days. Learn about ancient oceans, and check out the numerous exhibits that examine plant and animal life through the ages. There’s even a snake display with two pythons to watch slither around.


Lied Discovery Children’s Museum: While some of these more than 100 interactive exhibits will only fascinate toddlers, most will leave even the oldest child entertained. From playing make-believe complete with dress-up clothes and grown-up activities like going to the bank, to musical instruments played with the wave of a hand, this museum is engaging and entertaining. After time on The Strip, a visit to this museum is a welcome break.

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