Part of making our New Year’s resolutions this year, was to have a “family meeting” about where we would like to travel with kids in 2010.   I think discussing destinations with the whole family is a great way to plan trips.  You never know what little ones will say – or what you will discover in the process.

Nassau, Bahamas
Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort in Nassau, Bahamas

My boys have been begging for Spring Break at Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort in Nassau, Bahamas . The New Marine Interaction Program would put my kids face-to-face with giant Manta Rays and Sea Lions.  The resort features the world’s largest open-air marine habitat with more than 50,000 marine animals.



Los Angeles, California

Downtown Los Angeles, California

We’ve done the California trip many times, but I think now that my boys are getting a bit older, they would appreciate some of the museums, hikes, and fun things to do in the City of Angels.




Boston, Massachusetts
Historic Acorn Street in Boston, MA.

My own childhood memories include visiting Boston Common (the 50-acre oldest park in the country), Paul Revere’s House and trekking down the Freedom Trail. I would love to introduce the kids to Boston’s historical sites – and maybe catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.



London, England

London Eye in London, England

So much of what the kids read in their literature books takes place in England.  It’s always nice to visit places that children are studying so that they can see their studies come to life.



Madrid, Spain
Plaza de Oriente in Madrid, Spain

My husband and I have spent time in Barcelona and I resolved to take the kids back on our next visit.  They have studied the language, so I think we’ll start in Madrid if we get to Europe in 2010….I am crossing my fingers that this year’s wish list comes true!



“Hasta Luego!”


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  1. ennasnosrap

    I love the family-meeting approach to planning a family vacay! Don’t know if you’d consider getting up close and personal with some wildlife, but Natural Habitat Adventures just posted this 10 Reasons to Take a Family Eco Tour that’s pretty convincing: . Happy travels!


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