The BEst Times to Visit Cancun: a Weather Guide

Chill in Cancun


Cancun is always a hotspot destination for Americans—so much so, that the estimated inbound traffic from the U.S. accounts for 80% of the visitors to this sunny city. Impressive!

If you’re a first time visitor to Cancun (or even a pro), here are a few tips on visiting Cancun:

Avoid Wedding Season and Spring Break: Unless you want to pay through the nose, it’s best to avoid wedding season (May) and spring break, when all the youngsters come to visit. The best time to visit—according to several travelers –is December through May. If you do love the peak holiday season, there’s nothing to prevent you from enjoying Christmas or New Year’s if you book cheap flights in advance!

January is Optimal: The middle of January is a good time to visit because the holiday crowds will have dissipated, and flight fares tend to be a bit cheaper than in December. Visitors also say the water is quite warm even at this time of year.

Watch Out for September and October Rain: There are some visitors who do like to visit during the less crowded “Back to School” season, but if you do choose to visit during these months, keep in mind that while the weather can be glorious, it is also hurricane season and sometimes your Cancun vacation can be rained out.

Early December May Be Your Better Bet: If you’re trying to get away from the cold weather and must visit Cancun in December, then the earlier part of the month would be a better time to visit because it’s less humid and very little chance of rain. Plus, many have said there are very few mosquitoes.

The Dry Season:
May is tail end of the dry season, and several visitors have loved visiting Cancun in May. Do remember it is also wedding season, so if there are several bridal parties that have booked blocks of rooms in hotels, then it will be tougher to get good rates for rooms.
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