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Well, here we are. August. The last month of summer.

Maybe you’ve reached this point and are on track to accomplishing all you wanted to do before Labor Day; you’re rocking that switch to a vegan diet and crushing your vow to put yourself out there more.

More than likely though, you didn’t realize just how late in the season it is until…just now. And while you eventually did manage to finish that DIY project you started back in May, everything else on your summer to-do list (including the entry that just reads “travel”) has kind of fallen by the wayside.

But there’s still enough summer left for a trip abroad! And you don’t need to spend a lot to take one. We crunched the numbers and checked last-minute fares for five-day trips in August on, looking at popular international destinations from some of the most common starting points in the United States, and then compared them to the national average fare to those destinations. The results? We found some fantastic flight deals for a cheap trip out of the country.

9 cheap last-minute summer trips!

Check ‘em out!

Seattle to Bangkok

From Washington State’s “Emerald City” to Thailand’s “Big Mango,” this is an affordable adventure that every any wannabe word-traveling foodie can’t pass up. Last year, Bangkok beat out London as the world’s top travel destination and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a city where old meets new with unique experiences, including a famous party scene, renowned relaxation opportunities, colorful means of transportation, and (of course) the street food.

San Francisco to New Delhi

Leaving the Bay Area for a visit to India’s capital city will certainly add to your hipster cool. You can explore the city’s history and culinary scene for days and if you ever get bored, you can hit the road and drive India’s famed Golden Triangle.    

Dallas to San Jose Cabo

Long overshadowed by the party-happy Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Cabo has become known in recent years for its colonial architecture, sophisticated art galleries, and pleasantly tame nightlife scene. It’s the perfect place for visitors who are more interested in moonlit walks than tequila shots.

Los Angeles to Beijing

It may seem like you’re trading in the hectic chaos of LA for the hectic chaos of China’s capital city, but this trip is something else. A visit to Beijing is a crash course in Chinese history, with a wealth of famous landmarks throughout the city (including the parts of the Great Wall and the famous Forbidden City), but it’s also a great place to dip one’s toes into modern Chinese culture and life. And let’s not forget the food! Just be aware that if you’re an American citizen, you’re going to need to apply for your visa before you leave.     

New York City to Paris

Do we really need to say anything to convince anyone to spend some time in Paris?  From stunning architectural marvels (like the iconic Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame) to the anonymous side streets, Paris is a city that beckons curious travelers to wander and discover its mysteries. You can people watch from outdoor cafés, read in the tranquility of the Palais-Royal Gardens, and visit some of the museums and shopping in the world.

Philadelphia to Cancun

Sure, it’s best known as a spring break destination for college students, but Cancun has way more to offer. Family-friendly resorts, awesome oceanside activities (like parasailing and scuba diving), cool nightlife, and nearby Mayan ruins — there’s something in a Cancun vacation for EVERYONE.

Chicago/Miami to Mexico City

Whether you’re flying in from the “Windy City” or (for about 20 bucks more) the “Magic City,” Mexico City is the perfect destination to experience an exciting city and explore a wealth of history and culture. The largest city in North America, the capital city of Mexico is home to a plethora of museums, theaters, art centers, and architectural landmarks. And you can do it all for less than you think.  

Washington D.C. to Toronto

Although this bustling city can have a small town feel, Toronto has an impressively multi-cultural community — about half of all residents were born outside of Canada and over 150 languages are spoken in the city limits. It all adds up to a distinctly cosmopolitan vibe with a vibrant nightlife, plenty of markets and green space, and a foodie scene to die for.

Want to go abroad before summer melts away, but not intrigued by the above trips? Find your own!
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