Paris holds the key to many hearts and it’s beautiful, history-filled and walkable streets are just the start. If you’re a traveler that loves to explore cities by foot, doesn’t like sitting still and needs to get moving as soon as you’ve landed from your flights to Paris, we’ve got news for you: Parisian streets were made for walking! And after you read on, we’re sure that’s just what you’ll do. Check out our 10 reasons why Paris is a pedestrian’s dream come true!

The Rain Only Makes it Better

Low-hanging fog, beautifully dressed locals, incredibly romantic vistas… We’d almost rather it be rainy!

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The City Was Made for Walking

If you’ve ever traipsed down the Champs-Élysées, you know what I mean.

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There are Plenty of Cafés When You Need a Rest

Hop off those flights to Paris and right into a café for a quintessential, French experience.

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All Those Croissants and Café au Laits Get Walked Off Real Quick

Don’t worry about that flaky, buttery calorie-laden breakfast — you’re going to spend the whole day walking it off.

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Window Shopping Is the Best in Paris

Perhaps you can’t afford any of it, but it’s so pretty!

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The Views Make Your Sore Feet Feel Worth It

Ever seen Paris from the Sacré-Cœur? Your sore feet will be the last thing on your mind.

History Is Happening All Around You

Ditch the heavy books and let the cobblestone streets be your tour guide.

You Can Pretend You’re in a Quirky French Film

I mean, who hasn’t danced next to the Seine singing “La Vie En Rose” to themselves?

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There Are Plenty of Places to Stop and Read a Book

It’s a city where so much great literature was born, why not join in?

Oh, Come On and Book Your Flights to Paris Already!

Admit it, you’re in love.

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