San Francisco Food Trucks. Photo credit: Scott Beale
Food Truck madness has taken over big cities like New York and Miami, but the West Coast can brag about their mobile goodness as well. San Francisco is probably the West Coast capital of food trucks. Cheap tickets will get you to San Francisco, but our guide will get you to the best food truck eats in the Bay area.
The Chairman Truck
By its name, we’re not too sure what The Chairman Truck is all about. That is, until you ask locals about it and their enthusiasm will bode convincing. Their menu is simple- Taiwanese bun styled sandwiches with flavorful fillings. We hear the top notch bun is the tender pork belly; a staple that is hard to imitate. We'd also like to sink our teeth into Coca-Cola Braised Pork with Savoy Cabbage & Preserved Yellow Mustard Seeds; it’s a fusion mix of Asian American goodness.
Bacon Bacon
With a name like Bacon Bacon, we ask all vegetarians to close their eyes, because this is total bacon-palooza. Try to imagine a menu where everything that is served includes bacon. (Except for the drinks, we think) Start with your basic bacon cheeseburger or BLT if you're into simple and familiar dishes. For bacon lovers, add a side of a Bacon Bouquet- which is made of 100% bacon. If you're sweet tooth is calling, there is chocolate covered bacon and bacon caramel corn to put you into a bacon-coma.

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El Tonayense Taco Truck
With its proximity to Mexico, California has a strong, diverse influence from their neighbors South of the Border. Even if San Francisco is at the North end, Mexican cuisine can be found everywhere. Welcome yourself to El Tonayense Food Truck where San Francisco meets mobile, authentic Mexican food. Let us proudly mention that tacos are only $2 a pop?! And, you can choose from 12 style s of tacos from Fried Pork to Chorizo and even Beef Brains if you're brave. The best part is that if the taco trucks left you hungry for more, the owners have their own restaurant where you can try even more delicious Mexican food. Ole!
The Chef Pelle
The Chef Pelle food truck does something we didn't think could be done. It gave us the opportunity to have delicious Swedish Meatballs outside of Ikea. (And Sweden of course) While Scandanavia is very far from San Fran, you can sink your teeth into traditional cuisine from the Cold North. We love the eclectic choices like tempura fried Icelandic cod, or dishes we can't really pronounce like the Tunnsbrodsrulle. (A supreme Nordic hotdog/quesadilla you must try to find out.)

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Photo credit: Scott Beale

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