The President will pay a visit to the Magic Kingdom on Thursday (CC Flickr photo credit: Chris Harrison)
President Obama will pay a visit to the Magic Kingdom


It’s a small world after all. US President Barack Obama will visit Disney World on Thursday, according to a report in the Orlando Sentinel. No, the POTUS isn’t taking time off to catch up with Mickey and the gang; this visit will be strictly business.


According to the report, Obama will “unveil a strategy that will significantly boost tourism and travel” in the United States. There’s no word exactly on what the announcement will be, but some are speculating that the President could be in town to tout new plans for Visa reform.


Florida politicians have been pushing to streamline Visa procedures for visitors from emerging nations like Brazil and China. Currently, many visitors in those countries must travel hundreds of miles to consulate offices to secure visas before ever boarding flights to Orlando or elsewhere.


New advances in video-conferencing technology could make it easier for foreign tourists to secure Visas without traveling to far-off consulates, but only if policy reform is enacted.


CC Flickr photo credit: Chris Harrison

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