According to the local police union, cutbacks on security have made Los Angeles International Airport vulnerable to terrorist attacks.  According to an Associated Press report, airport officials deny the allegations.


Less random checks on vehicles entering LAX and fewer security guards in central terminal areas have the Airport Police Officers Association nervous about what could possibly happen at one of the nation’s busiest airports.


The president of the police union wrote in a letter to airport officials that because of budget cuts, LAX is “more vulnerable to a
terrorist attack than at any time since 9/11.”


However Gina Marie Lindsey denies those allegations and said the airport has actually increased their budget since 9/11. Lindsey added that LAX “meets or exceeds” the federal Transportation Security Administration’s police deployment requirements.


Airport officials have reported that nearly 200 more officers work at LAX today than in 2002. Marshall McClain, president of the police union, denies that his people are spreading terrorist fears in hopes of creating more jobs.


McClain told the AP, “What
we’re talking about is a potential terrorist event. We need to go
beyond erring on the side of caution because no one wants that to
happen. We have to be right 100 percent of the time.”



Source: The Associated Press 

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