Highline Park in New York City (Flickr image courtesy of thefors)
Highline Park in New York City


Some officials in Philadelphia are hoping to channel New York City’s Highline Park when it comes to re-developing the abandoned Reading Viaduct, an elevated railway that ceased to function in the City of Brotherly Love back in 1984.


A plan to develop the viaduct into green spaced fizzled out in 2003 but has gained new traction with the success of New York’s Highline. Thousands of people arriving on flights to New York City have been flocking to the one-of-a-kind, elevated park time and time again, proving that it is much more than just a gimmick.


Though a recent survey showed that re-developing the viaduct would cost nearly $14 million more than simply demolishing it, several roadblocks persist in bringing the green space plan to fruition.


The project is low on funding and the owner of the viaduct has yet to agree to any plans for re-development.


Source: CBS News

Flickr: thefors

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