When people think of vacationing in a city, museum tours and bountiful shopping opportunities are the things to usually come to mind. However, many cities are also home to candy factories, sweet destinations that offer enjoyment for the young…and the young at heart. Indeed, candy factory tours show vacationers the in-depth process of what it takes to make everyone’s favorite treats without the need of a pesky Golden Ticket signed by Willy Wonka himself. Here’s a list of five stops you need to make to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours!

Jelly Belly

The Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California offers visitors a sweet experience at the reasonable price of $7 per adult and $3 per child. In addition to tours of the facility, visitors of the Jelly Belly Factory can behold an art gallery of portraits of historical figures…made entirely of jelly beans! Visitors will also get the opportunity to dine at the Jelly Belly Café, the factory’s restaurant that features truly one-of-a-kind eating, including the factory’s famed Chocolate and Wine Experience. The factory’s gift shop features over 100 different flavors of jelly beans and allows guests to purchase bags of “Belly Flops,” jelly beans the factory deems irregular due to shaping or color errors.


Hershey Chocolate World just might be the most famous candy factory in the world. Located in the scenic hills of Central Pennsylvania, the Hershey factory is open year-round and offers free admission. Among the most noteworthy activities offered at Hershey Chocolate World is a ride that demonstrates how the candy makers at the company transform a simple cocoa bean into one of the globe’s best candy bars. The factory also invites visitors to enjoy several premium attractions for a small price. Among the most popular premium offerings at the Hershey factory is Create Your Own Candy Bar, which allows guests to design their own candy wrapper and even add custom ingredients to a chocolate bar of their own design for $28.95.



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Orange, Connecticut’s Pez Visitor Center offers something for everyone interested in learning about the company’s 95 years of bringing smiles to the faces of children the world over. Guests of the Pez Visitor Center take an interactive tour of major events in the company’s history, such as its origins in Vienna, Austria, and its move to the United States in 1973. Among the exhibits at the Pez Visitor Center are the world’s largest Pez dispenser and a custom motorcycle adorned with images and symbols of the company. Admission to the Pez Visitor Center costs $5 and comes with a $2 credit to the factory’s gift shop and a souvenir lanyard.

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Hammond’s Candies

Established in Denver, Colorado in 1920, Hammond’s Candies makes every sweet treat you can imagine, but is most well-known for its candy canes and lollipops. Guests of Hammond’s Candies will see how factory workers make the company’s famous sweets by hand, pulling and twisting the candy until it settles into its iconic shape. Admission to the factory is free and tours, which are offered at the top of the hour and the half hour, take 30 minutes. In addition to seeing how Hammond’s Candies are made and packaged, visitors can also enjoy a video presentation of the company’s history and visit the factory’s gift shop. Due to high demand, guests planning to visit the Hammond’s Candies factory are encouraged to book their tour in advance on the company’s website.

Theo Chocolate


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We put an end to our sweet trip by booking cheap vacation packages to the Pacific Northwest. Here we’ll find Theo Chocolate, one of the world’s first organic chocolate companies. Founded in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle in 2006, Theo Chocolate prides itself on making products with the highest quality cocoa beans sourced from farmers under fair trade agreements. Visitors taking the factory tour learn of the company’s mission of creating high quality chocolate in detail while further learning how sustainability benefits the cocoa farming community. Theo Chocolate charges $14 for admission to its one-hour tour, which also includes samples of the company’s products. While children under 5 are not permitted on the tour, the company does offer Kids Chocolate Story Time from Friday to Sunday, which also details the company’s sustainable approach to chocolate creation.

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