Should food carts be subject to the same grading systems as restaurants? (Image: Wikimedia)
Should NYC food carts be assigned letter grades for food safety?


As the popularity of mobile food service continues to spread, so do concerns over food safety. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants more accountability for the growing number of mobile food carts in his city, a move that isn’t yet resonating within his own Health Department.


The Mayor has proposed assigning sanitary letter grades to food carts just as New York already does for all restaurants citywide. His Health Department, however, insists there are just not enough resources to handle such an undertaking.


In addition to the limited number of inspectors, the fact that food carts can move at a moment’s notice make it difficult to track repeat inspections.


The Health Department did say that it plans to distribute handheld computers to its inspectors within the next two years. That would make tracking inspections of mobile carts easier and perhaps lead to the implementation of the Mayor’s letter grade idea.


Source: Fox News

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