New York tops"Best Place to live" list for men


Start spreading the news…the Big Apple is a great place if you're a man. According to, New York City topped the list of 29 Cities to Live In list.


So how did AskMen compile this non-scientific list? Well they looked at a city's unemployment rate, culinary scene, weather, ratio of men to single and educated women, amount of green spaces and how many vacation days the average male worker received.


Chicago, which was last year's best city, was bumped in 2010's list to 24th place. The only city to remain in the top five for both years was London. Here is the official ranking:


1. New York City, 2. Melbourne, 3. Tokyo, 4. Madrid, 5. London, 6. Cape Town, 7. Miami, 8. Buenos Aires, 9. Sydney, 10. San Francisco, 11. Paris, 12. Los Angeles, 13. Hong Kong, 14. Tel Aviv, 15. Barcelona, 16. Sao Paulo, 17. Berlin, 18. Lisbon, 19. Beirut, 20. Istanbul, 21. Shanghai, 22. Montreal, 23. Amsterdam, 24. Chicago, 25. Toronto, 26. Kyoto, 27. Bogota, 28. Rome, and 29. Las Vegas.



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