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In case you weren’t aware, today (August 23rd) is National Cheap Flight Day.

“Oh, Cool…what’s ‘National Cheap Flight Day’ again?” is what you’re probably thinking. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t feel bad. It’s pretty new. But don’t let its novelty fool you into thinking that this is a holiday with a bogus purpose, commemorating something false and insignificant.

This is a day all about affordable air travel!

Christened by the travel industry and the media, National Cheap Flight Day is meant to commemorate the moment each year when airfare in the United States drops from its summer peak to an off-season low. In years past, travelers have seen costs lower by 10% to 20%. The ensuing period of plummeting prices usually lasts until the holiday season kicks off around Thanksgiving.

So where are the best flight deals for this year post-August 23 and how much lower are they?

CheapOair’s own crack team of ticket-price watchers and plane-fare-data analyzers took the average cost for flights departing from all American cities from May to the end of August 2017 and compared it to the average price for departures from those same cities from September to November.  

They found that popular international destinations will see a price decline by approximately 30% this off-season and fares to favorite domestic locales will fall by about 14%. Some specific locations that will see the best deals are…


Overall, the country of Spain itself is poised to see the largest dip in price percentages, but its capital Madrid is predicting to see a hefty drop of 37%. So you can explore this city full of old world history, art, music, culture, and culinary delights (including vegan-friendly) with the knowledge you saved money before you even took off.


The destination of choice for the adventurous world traveler. Fares to Bangkok from the U.S. are expected to drop by 30%! You can use the money you saved to party it up in the renowned nightlife, pick something up in its famed shopping areas, get your fill in its equally well-known street food scene, or (since Bangkok is so cheap) do all that AND bank whatever’s left for another trip.


If you claim to be a globetrotter, you HAVE to check off this one off your bucket list. Rome arguably has it all: history, art, nightlife, culture, fun, and…of course…great food! If you’ve alway wanted to go, now’s a great time to book since price are forecasted to fall by as much as 28%.


What’s better than the City of Lights? How about getting there with a price reduction of 24% (which is how much tickets to Paris are anticipating to drop by). And while you probably could spend that extra cash on renting a car or on cabs, we have to recommend that you walk to get around Paris. It’s the best!

Los Angeles

Beaches, celebrities, sunshine, and a whole lot more. A trip to L.A. can offer a lot! And no matter if you’re attracted more to the glamour, pop culture history, or laid back southern California attitude (and climate), a predicted drop of 27% in price to get there is more than enticing.


Although many veteran fliers associate Chicago with layovers, this heartland city is a destination with something for pretty much everyone. It’s great for family trips or a getaway with friends and will appeal to sports fans, history buffs, culinary connoisseurs, art enthusiasts, and more. It’s  anticipated fall in cost by 15% only adds to all that.

Figure out how low YOUR fare will be to these (or any other) destinations!
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