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Get That Suitcase Ready!


A New Year can mean so many things to people. It can mean a brand new start to life or something as small as a new way to organize the living room. Often enough, we make travel bucket lists and hope to travel. What better time than now, before the New Year to make travel resolutions that will make you look forward to 2013?

Invest in Good Luggage: Face it- your old suitcases are taking a beating and you know it’s time to invest in new pieces. Let this year be the time that you take to truly search for good quality luggage. Paying a pretty price will last you through the years, especially if you’re a constant traveler. Also, after Christmas sales are the perfect time to spend gift cards for travel related gifts, like your luggage.

Travel Outside of the Country: You’re proud that you’ve been outside of your city, your state, and heck, even across country, but you may have not crossed International Borders. There are so many fascinating places around the world, and many that are as close as U.S. destinations. Start with countries that are close by if you like, for instance- The Bahamas or other foreign Caribbean islands. Traveling in a place where there is a different language, currency and lifestyle does wonders on the mind and opens your eyes to make you want to continue traveling.

Learn to Travel Lightly: Do you really need all of those outfits? Would it be terrible if you left your laptop at home on this vacation? A lot of us tend to pack everything but the kitchen sink and often stay with this bad habit because we don’t know otherwise. Make a resolution to pack lighter to create fewer headaches during your travels. Make a detailed packing list for different kinds of trips so you know what you’ll need vs. what is unnecessary.

Travel Solo: When was the last time you took a solo trip somewhere? Have you ever? Traveling solo is a fulfilling experience everyone should have. You truly get to know yourself and your boundaries in different situations. It gives you more time to trust yourself and to soak up everything individually  It may be more expensive, but there are less fights over what to see, more room to breathe and lots of funky individual face shots. (Don’t be scared to ask people to take your photograph!) It also gives you the chance to speak to others in a social environment when you perhaps wouldn’t if you were traveling with someone.

Just Travel Already: There’s no excuse not to plan a vacation to go somewhere. Your calendar is pretty much a clean slate and this is the best chance to plan great trips. Perhaps you finally want to do that family vacation to the Grand Canyon. Maybe your daughter is graduating this year and you want to do a mother-daughter trip to Puerto Rico. You can always find a reason to go somewhere; it is just up to you to actually do it!

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