“Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach ‘till the break of dawn.” Welcome to Miami – a place where beautiful people have fun in a beautiful place. There’s plenty to see and do when visiting Miami, but especially if you’ve got a knack for photography. Sunny days pose for beautiful landscape photographs, while at night; you’ll get the true essence of the Miami lifestyle at its best.


Miami in Pictures, Flickr: puenteaereo

Buildings on Ocean Drive in South Beach: Just like New York has Fifth Avenue and Los Angeles has Rodeo Drive, Miami has Ocean Drive. As the name suggests, it hugs the ocean on a street filled with the best bars, clubs and art deco styled hotels. The style that made Miami famous since 1925 is still known to this day for its bold colors and geometric designs. Whether you capture the bright colors during the day or the even brighter pop at night, it’s a picture worth a thousand words.

Miami in Pictures, Flickr: wallyg

Venetian Pool in Coral Gables: Is it a fortress, or someone’s private mansion just smack in the middle of Coral Gables, Miami? No, it is just a historic US tourist destination made from a rock formation. It was created in the Roaring 20s in the likes of the Venetian Lagoon in Italy. It was abandoned for years before it was restored to its grand beauty. It is the picture perfect oasis, as if Miami wasn’t beautiful enough already. The pool has a grand waterfall, kiddy pools, and huge palm trees to add to the feeling of super zen.


Miami in Pictures, Flickr: kycheng


Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: There’s all sorts of international influences going on in Miami. You’ve got the vibe of the Cubans, the American spirit, and Italian renaissance styled-gardens. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was built and was a winter residence for a famous industrialist. It was designed to look like an Italian estate that had been there for centuries, and they did a pretty darn good job at making it look that way. You’ll step into the eloquent European-designed villa and will probably forget you’re in Florida. Your best shot will definitely be away from the main entrance with the villa reflecting in the waters of the fountain.
Palm trees on the beach: It’s either hit or miss when it comes to beach pictures. Some love taking photographs of the white sands against the turquoise waters while others protest any beach picture can just rival another. No matter how you feel about the subject, you’ll probably end up taking lots of photographs of the Miami palm trees against the beach. During the day, they provide great shade relief from the hot sun and provide a perfect angular shot if you’re lying under one. During sunset, you’ll get a beautiful silhouette of the palm tree against the calm waters- perfect!


Miami in Pictures, Flickr: doortoriver

Cars in Miami: Is it just us, but why is it that Miami seems to be home to classic old cars? Perhaps it’s the influence of the Cuban neighbors and their nostalgia for old cars, or just how good these cars look under the sun. You’ll find them usually parked alongside Ocean Drive, but you can also capture an action shot of a driver honking his ole style horn. Best of all- these cars come in all shades and sizes from bright blue to even hot pink.


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photo credits:doortoriver, puenteaereo , wallyg, kycheng

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