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Just when you thought a trip to Hawaii couldn’t get any closer to heaven, we found the stairway that leads straight to the pearly gates: PUPPIES. Thanks to the Maui Humane Society, there’s now a program that both locals and visitors can participate in called “Beach Buddies.” And, yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.

Meet Sharpie#60! She’s a loving lady that aims please. To learn more about her, go to

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(We might steal Sharpie, tho).

As a beach buddy, you can borrow a shelter pupper for an entire day and take your new best friend along on all your tropical adventures — from long romantic walks on the beach to harrowing hikes through the mountains, now you’ll have a tail-wagging pal to experience it all with you. The program takes place every Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 3 pm and you can sign up to participate 48 hours in advance. The day begins with a brief safety chat along with suggestions about where to take your doggie on the island! They’ve even created a map with all the best spots to bring your new bestie:

The list includes dog-friendly beaches, hikes, and restaurants so that the only thing you need to plan out is how to have as much fun as possible with your shelter pup. The program is especially nice for visitors to the island who have to leave their beloved pets at home — Hawaii has a quarantine law to protect its local wildlife, but it also makes traveling with pets a pretty inconvenient choice. Most travelers come to Hawaii animal-free, which makes the Beach Buddy program perfect for pet owners who miss their drooling fluffball.

Fur real, we’re booking our flights to Maui straight away to get our hands on these cute puppers.

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