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Denver is a city with a lot to offer- from nearby skiing, to scenic views and a fun downtown area. The Mile High City is a diverse place with diverse attractions for everyone. You may think you know about the places you must visit when you book discount airfare, but there are also landmarks that are not quite known, but part of what makes Denver such a fascinating city.

U.S. Mint:
Go ahead and grab a U.S. coin and take a close look at it. Do you see the small little D? (You may need a magnifying glass.) It stands for the D in Denver, because it is the location of the U.S. mint. When gold was first discovered in Colorado, it attracted merchants and miners, which how Denver was first founded. The U.S. government made the U.S. mint facility located in Denver in 1863 and is still there today. This is where our precious coins are made and you can embark on a free public tour to understand the coin making process.

CELL – The Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab: Note:
This museum is not recommended for young children. We live in a world where terrorism is unfortunately a real threat. The CELL museum is dedicated to educating Americans about terrorism. It’s an informative “in your face” exhibit with clips of terrorist attacks from different occasions and around the world.  It’s a place that has attracted lots of tourists and famous Americans like U.S. cabinet members, Senators and Secretaries of Homeland Security. And they all agree this is a fantastic multimedia exhibit.

Coors Brewery Tour: Denver is also known as the city of beers, with many breweries and pubs to enjoy a pint or few. If you’ve heard the phrase “Taste the Rockies,” you know that it belongs to the American beer: Coors. They are indeed native to Denver; one of the largest breweries that still use the same Rocky Mountain spring water in its production. A trip to the Brewery includes a free tour explaining the brewing process and samples to guests of drinking age. How’s about that for a taste of the Rockies?

Museo de los Americas: Did you know that Denver is home to 40% of Americans of Hispanic descent? Latin America has a huge influence to Western America, especially in Colorado. In fact, the name comes from the Colorado River, which early Spanish explorers named the Río Colorado for the red colored silt. You can learn about this and more about the Spanish influence in Denver at the Museo de los Americas- The Museum of the Americans.

Colorado Railroad Museum (pictured): Before subways, motor vehicles and planes, railroads were the choice for 19th century Americans. The country was well known for its railroad system, which linked the East to the West. Understand the history of the Colorado Railways at the Colorado Railroad Museum, with real life examples of locomotives and cars. The featured exhibit tells the story of life on the rails and how the Colorado railroads came to life. Visitors on a Saturday will love a historic train ride through the Colorado landscapes on an original steam or diesel.

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