Although we’ll always say that it’s the experiences that should be valued most from any trip, let’s be honest: a selfie from an exotic locale on Instagram can be a pretty amazing souvenir. In fact, there are few things better than your connections on social media showering a pic from your travels with likes and comments of envy. So why not let that fuel some inspiration for your next getaway? We’re not saying that you should hop on round trip flights just to take a pic for the double tap, but there are some marvelously Instagrammable spots around the world that are worth the journey.

Here are just ten of them:

From the Top of Table Mountain

A flat-topped mountain overlooking Cape Town, Table Mountain is popular with tourists visiting the South African capital. The top, which can be reached via cableway or hiking, offers breathtaking views of the city…that, of course, make for some splendid selfies.

On the Shore of Lake Como

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The third-largest lake in Italy, Lake Como has been a celebrated destination, particularly with the wealthy and famous, for centuries. Exquisitely picturesque villas, palaces, and fishing village line the shore–all of which offer the perfect setting for an image-heavy update to all your friends and family back home.

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In the Middle Singapore’s Supertree Grove

Like something out of a science-fiction movie, the Supertree Grove is the most famous spot in Singapore‘s massive “Gardens by the Bay” park. The supertrees are man-made structures that can reach up to 160 feet and merge engineering and gardening to house a variety of different plants and serve as “environmental engines.” Garden Bay South, which is where the grove is housed, features an elevated walkway that’s PERFECT for panoramic shots.

Overlooking the Grand Canyon

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An icon of the American Southwest, the Grand Canyon stretches over 270 miles and has been leaving people awe-struck for thousands of years. The south rim is considered to have the best views, where the closest major city is Flagstaff.

In Front of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign

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Las Vegas is filled with iconic and legendary signs, often of the neon variety, but the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is the most famous. Any tourist who doesn’t come back from Sin City with a shot of themselves standing in front of the sign has missed out.

With the Statue of Liberty in the Background

A symbol of not only New York City, but also America, Lady Liberty has been a landmark in New York Bay since 1886. Visitors to the Big Apple can snap a shot in front of her by visiting her home on Liberty Island, riding on the Staten Island Ferry, or from the very southern edge of Manhattan.

In Front of the Hollywood Sign

Built in 1923 and originally reading “HOLLYWOODLAND”.  The sign was an advertisement for a housing development and was only meant to last for a year and half. In that time, it became synonymous with the burgeoning film industry and was left up. “LAND” was eventually taken off and the sign is now a Los Angeles landmark. The best spots to get a selfie with the sign are in the surrounding area and include Hollywood Reservoir, Beachwood Canyon Dr, and the Griffith Observatory.

At the Edge of Devil’s Pool

A naturally-occurring feature of Southern Africa’s Victoria Falls, Devil’s Pool is possible only when the Zambezi River’s water is a certain level during the September to December season and allows swimmers to somewhat safely make their way to the very edge of the falls near Livingstone Island on the Zambian side. There have been those who’ve dared to splash in Devil’s Pool and slipped over the rock barrier and died, but a lot of tourists seem to think the risk is worth the picture.

Underneath the Northern Lights

Also known as Aurora Borealis or the polar lights, this illuminating phenomenon creating by particles from the sun hitting Earth’s atmosphere is stunningly majestic. It can be witnessed in northern more regions of the world, including parts of Iceland, Norway, Finland, and even Scotland.

Within Antelope Canyon

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A slot canyon on the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona, Antelope Canyon only really became accessible to visitors through tour groups in the late 90s. Since then its ethereal winding rock walls glowing with beams of sunlight have intrigued and beckoned travelers (especially those wanting to impress their Instagram followers).

So there you have it — all the motivation you need to search for some round trip flights so you can catch the perfect Instagram-worthy shot!

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