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Costa Rica, the multi-ethnic and multilingual Central American Republic country that’s a go to destination for virtually every adventurous and eco-friendly traveler out there, is easy to access, especially via flights.

On average, you can get six airlines to service Costa Rica Flights non-stop, and the prices from major metropolitan cities are not prohibitively expensive. But the whole idea of visiting Costa Rica is to live that “Pure Vida” (loosely translated to mean “Pure Life” or “Full of Life”). So, given that everyone these days have tight budgets, especially during the holiday season, what are some inexpensive ways to visit Costa Rica?

By Plane: An average round trip to Costa Rica can set you back $700-$800 during peak season but if you find alternate routes or some other attractive deals are ways to reach Costa Rica through a combination of airfare, car rentals or via ferry. The key is not to rule out the possibility of a visit just because fares are “too pricey.”

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Booking Budget Hotel Rooms: Unless you live in the hotel room, chances are you view them as a place for your bags to remain at rest. So, why do you have to spend a fortune on your hotel rooms if you’re on a budget? If you’re visiting the country for a week, a $80 nightly rate will only set you back $680, and if you’re not traveling solo, it can work out to be still cheaper.

Costa Rica, as with any Central American or Caribbean country, has its peak season at the tail end of each year.  A tip to get better rates is definitely to book early, but you may also want to wait until after the heavy rush of holiday traffic is over to get better rates.

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