This is not a test, Harry Potter fans. Details are coming in from Universal Studios Japan that gives new life to the franchise’s international fanbase: Hogsmeade will be getting a holiday makeover! While the park first announced it in September, new details are starting to emerge.

For one, there will be a giant, magically decorated Christmas tree in the middle of the village that park visitors will be able to bewitch with just a flick of the wand (a swish and flick, perhaps?). Snow will bedazzle the rooftops of the Scottish hamlet and elaborate wreaths and ornaments will decorate the entire town. A cozy glow is expected to emanate from the towering Hogwarts Castle, giving all Harry Potter fans the ability to truly feel like they’re in the Scottish Highlands during the wintertime.

The holiday celebrations are set to start on November 18th and continue until January 9th — so Potterheads will have a whopping 59 days of Harry Potter Christmas magic ahead of them!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located in the historic Japanese port city of Osaka and was the second Potter-themed Universal Studios location to open. They also set a precedent for unique celebration this year when the town of Hogsmeade celebrated Halloween. The shops were stocked with candy for trick-or-treaters and Death Eaters roamed the grounds looking for lively souls to feed on (luckily, most of the park’s visitors had mastered casting a Patronus).

If you want to celebrate the holidays with Harry, you need to head to Japan — as of now, it’s the only Wizarding World park that will be doing something special for the Christmas season. So start practicing your Apparition charms!

Or just book a flight to Osaka.

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