Vegas — with its gleaming lights, thriving nightlife, and tons to see and do — is a popular summer destination for a reason. But, in addition to its popularity, everyone can agree that Las Vegas is one of the hottest major cities in the U.S. temperature-wise as well. Its proximity to the heart of the Mojave Desert is to blame for its scorching hot climate. As the driest desert in North America, the Mojave sees very little rainfall. The lack of precipitation and the searing heat of the desert combine to deliver a climate that rarely cools down. The hottest time of the year is always during the dog days of summer with an average daytime high temperature of 107 degrees.

While many people claim that dry heat is better than humidity, be warned: when the wind kicks up, the Vegas dry heat is like pointing a hairdryer on high directly at you. So when you go, you’ll need to be prepared for temperatures you’re likely not used to. But, don’t let a little heat deter you from visiting the incomparable City of Lights! We know how to survive Las Vegas heat, just read on for our tips and tricks.

Drink Tons of Water

How to survive Las Vegas heat by drin

While this goes without saying, people often ignore this necessary tip. Because Vegas is a desert climate and therefore super dry, you need to make sure your body is getting enough H20. It’s very easy to overheat in Las Vegas and get dehydrated, especially if you’re taking cheap flights in August. While the temptation to consume alcohol is there, it’s extremely important to balance those drinks out with water. If you’re out during the day, bring at least a liter of water. If you’re hiking, bring more.

Skip the Outdoors During the Day

How to survive Las Vegas heat by going outside at night

Vegas gets warmer as the day progresses. For those who want to get some outdoor time, head outside in the early morning or after sunset. Skip those late afternoon walks; it’s sweltering. Trust us, it won’t be worth it. The intense heat will make you tired for the rest of the day. But, if you do choose to go outside, make sure you’re somewhere with lots of shade and/or misters or at the pool.

Protect Yourself From the Powerful Sun

How to survive Las Vegas heat by dressing appropriately

If you aren’t skipping the outdoors during the day, be sure to protect your skin. Vegas is more than 2,000 feet above sea level, which means that the sun is ultra-powerful. One of the keys to surviving Las Vegas heat is to make sure you always have sunscreen with SPF 30 on hand and a wide-brimmed hat on your head to keep your skin from getting burned. If the unfortunate happens and you do get a sunburn, make sure to bring tons of aloe vera with you.

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Watch Out for Hot Surfaces

This may sound like another no-brainer, but remember, those concrete surfaces and metal railings, seats, and other objects can get scorching hot. Before planting bare skin on anything, give it a touch to make sure there’s no threat of getting burned. You’ll thank us!

Dress Appropriately

How to survive Las Vegas heat by packing appropriate clothes

In order to stay cool in the Vegas heat, you’re going to need to dress appropriately. It’s a good idea to pack plenty of light and breathable clothing. Linen and cotton materials are your best bet in this kind of heat. Keep in mind that the casinos, theaters, restaurants, and other indoor areas crank up the air conditioning to entice people to visit. This makes it important to dress in layers or bring a jacket if you know that you may get chilly indoors. Light-weight, light-colored clothes are the name of the game in the summer. If you’re worried about being chilly indoors, don’t wear long sleeves; grab a light long-sleeved jacket or cardigan instead.

Take a Dip in the Pool

How to survive Las Vegas heat by swimming in the pool

One of the best parts about a Vegas vacation is all the cool resorts and their swimming pools. Take advantage of your hotel’s pool by using it to beat the heat. If it’s in your budget, consider renting a private cabana so that you also have shade to keep you comfortable. Keep in mind that some pools will get crowded during peak tourism months and during the warmest months, making it important to get there early and secure the best seats.

Use “Rat Routes” to Get Around

Trying to navigate the Strip during the heat of the day can be a miserable experience. It’s no surprise that the sun beating down on the pavement can be a nightmare for tourists. The good news is that the Strip is lined with casinos offering a blast of cool air every time you walk through the doors. Rather than walking along the sidewalks and outdoor walkways, head indoors and use routes that traverse through the air-conditioned casinos instead. While your walking route may end up being a bit longer, you’ll also have access to convenient restrooms and other amenities that the casinos and resorts offer to visitors.

Treat Yourself to Something Cold and Tasty

How to survive Las Vegas heat by eating ice cream

Las Vegas is flush with an abundance of treats, making it easy to find something to help you to take the edge off of the heat. The relentless heat is a good excuse to indulge in an ice cream cone, a frozen custard, or a snow cone. Or, kick it up a notch by trying one of the giant frozen margaritas sold up and down the Strip (but don’t forget to drink water with it, too!). It’s easy to find a cold and delicious treat to suit your taste when you have so many fun options to choose from.

So, do you know how to survive Las Vegas heat? Tell us some of your tips below!

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  1. Johnny Cairns

    at least it’s a dry heat, so your sweat evaporates helping to keep you cool. In tropical heat you’re always wet and sticky.


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