Headed to NYC? Check Out These 4 Secret Landmarks. Photo credit: Erik Anestad
So, you think you know everything about New York City? Whether you’you've admired it in movies and television, or you visit the city that never sleeps annually, there is always something new to know about NYC. A city that is so big and diverse is allowed to hold special secrets that make it such a unique place to visit and wonder about its awesome history.
The former City Hall Station
If NYC was a body, the MTA subway system would be its Circulatory system. Getting around is easy with a subway system that runs 24/7/365. (Even on the Holidays!) This transit system dates back to the early 20th century when the city was a lot less busy. But, did you know you could travel back in time? Did you know that underneath City Hall there is a former station that has been closed since 1945? This beautiful station can only be seen if you take the 6 train at Brooklyn Bridge to the other side- the loop around from the Downtown to the Uptown side. (Note: It will be a quick sight!)
Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Station
With its grand celebration of its Centennial, Grand Central Station put up all of the bells and whistles for the event. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you’ll see special events going on all year ‘round. You might also glimpse tourists doing something that seems strange. This unmarked secret landmark is in front of the Oyster Bar and Restaurant- an acoustic wonder that is too cool not to try. If you stand at the diagonal arches and whisper, you can hear the other's voice from across the hall. We only wish we knew what secrets people had to say!
Rooftop Urban Oasis at The Met
For culture and fine art, there's no other place to visit than the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With amazing collections in a historical facility, it is probably one of the world's most renowned museums. While you're in the Upper East Side, you don't even have to leave the facility to enjoy a great view and a drink. At the top of the Museum is a Roof Garden Cafe and Martini Bar. This is probably NYC's best kept secret- the views are stunning and the ambiance is oh so cool.
Abandoned Islands
You may think you know everything about NYC- like the fact that the Manhattan Island was purchased for $24? You may even know about Roosevelt Island- a mostly residential, but scenic spot. But, what about abandoned islands just lying around this big city? Some include North Brother Island, South Brother Island and Hart Island- abandoned islands that once served a purpose and now stand the test of time. Some are bird sanctuaries, time capsules from the 1960s and most of all, overgrown flora and uninhabited ruins. Warning- Do not try to visit these islands on your own. 
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Photo credit: Erik Anestad 

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