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Halloween Horror in Los Angeles. Photo credit: smashz

Ok, you’ve got your Halloween
so where to boogie down while visiting Los Angeles? There are
plenty of parties taking place at clubs and hotels around the city, but if
you’re looking for something that will really make your hair stand on end,
check out Universal
Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights
, which is definitely not for the faint of
heart. Books your cheap tickets to Los Angeles, and catch a glimpse of all the
movie-making magic that goes into horror flicks.

Monsters Hate Waiting
Halloween Horror Nights, which runs until November 2,
frequently sells out, and the general consensus is to get there earlier rather
than later, preferably by 5 pm; and expect heavy traffic on Saturdays when
lines to the event are longer. Also, there are some do’s and don’ts to be aware
of; Universal Studios is usually a family-friendly affair, but the Halloween
Horror Nights is not recommended for kids under age 13, and no costumes or
masks are allowed.  Seriously, some of
the walk-throughs and setups are gruesome and violent, so leave little ones and
tweens at home. Admission tickets to Halloween Horror Nights is separate from
the day pass, and for little extra money, you can skip the long lines and jump
ahead. Also, no mistreating the scare actors; you get sent home if you do.

The Goriest Mazes
Ok, so you left your costume at home, you bought your
ticket  and waited in line. Now what?
Once in, you get to walk through real horror movie back lot and sets, get
chased by villains carrying chainsaws, go through several movie-themed and gory
mazes, and you might burn a few calories running away from all the zombies
coming out at night. This year, Universal Studios has six new mazes, its new
“Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure,” a new terror tram
invaded by “The Walking Dead” and new “scare zones.” Plenty
of psychos, Freddy Krugers, Chuckies and masked Jasons from “Friday the
13th” abound. Come prepared for lots of fake blood and screaming.

Rides in the Dark
If you need a break from all that running and screaming,
have a seat on one of the Halloween Horror Nights select amusement park rides
that remain open for this event. Revenge of the Mummy is a crazy, indoor
rollercoaster; Jurassic Park-In the Dark will have you keeping your eyes peeled
for predators; and for comic relief, The Simpsons’ virtual rollercoaster will
have you laughing until it hurts.

Halloween Horror Nights run past midnight, so make sure you
don’t have to be anywhere early the following morning. After all that screaming
and running from zombies and villains, you’ll want to sleep in and rest.

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Photo credit: smashz

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