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Costume Shopping in Los Angeles. Photo credit: ninniane
America’s entertainment capital is also one of the best cities in which to costume shop. Given all the movies and television shows filmed in Los Angeles, it’s not surprising that Halloween revelers will have luck costume that go beyond the traditional vampires and witches. Plenty of vintage shops and boutiques also offer interesting and unique costumes. With cheap airline tickets to Los Angeles, get yourself to the City of Angels and peruse its many closets for a costume that’s right for you.
Something For Everyone
Since 1945, Adele’s of Hollywood on the famous Hollywood Boulevard has been all about making dreams come true. This family-owned business has outfitted folks at studios, in commercials, performing school plays, and yes, even government agencies and department store Santa Clauses. Want to be a princess? What color gown?  Wish to be the bad guy at the Halloween party? Adele’s has everything from Darth Vader to the Grim Reaper. There’s also no shortage of accessories, including handcuffs, Aladdin’s lamp, and Wolverine claws. And don’t forget wigs and makeup. There are packaged costumes that can be purchased as well as custom-made pieces once used for filming that can be rented.  Come prepared to try on many different outfits!
20th Century Chic
Also on Hollywood Boulevard is Iguana Vintage Clothing, not necessarily a theater-affiliated costume shop, but a fun place to hand-me-down items from years past. Put your own creativity to the test here as you try and come up with your own Halloween costume. You might run into a television or movie stylist while there; items purchased at Iguana Vintage have appeared on the television shows “That 70s Show” and “Two and a Half Men.” Need a cocktail party dress from the 1960s in that perfect midcentury shade of lime green? What about a men’s pink bowling shirt? Iguana features clothing from the 1930s and on. Come prepared to spend some time looking around.
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Step Back in Time
If Halloween is more than just donning a polyester superhero suit to you, than The Costume Shoppe  is the place for you. Having rented costumes to the greater Los Angeles area for more than 60 years, The Costume Shoppe boasts an impressive inventory of 20,000 different garments. It is currently affiliated with the Glendale Centre Theatre, and is known for its authenticity in creating period costumes, the Shoppe offers a long list of costumes from several time periods, including Biblical, Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval, Renaissance, Colonial, 18th century European, and the Victorian-era. From plumed hats to wired corsets to togas, the Shoppe lets you have fun reliving the past. Staffed by experienced costume designers, the Shoppe is a place for party-goers willing to spend a little extra coin to look good Halloween night.
Feeling Whimsical?
Whimsic Alley is specifically for Harry Potter fans as well as fans of pop culture like Doctor Who. There’s a remarkable collection of wands as well as cardigans depending on whether you want to look like Hermione or Harry. Even if you’re not a hardcore Harry Potter fan, Whismic Alley is a great place to buy a quill (a fantastic Halloween party hostess gift) or a wizard’s cap and cape, if looking to dress low-key. The store also holds events with costumed themes such as “Game of Thrones” and “Phantom of the Opera.”
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Photo credit: ninniane

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